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  • Electrical Cable Transition Piece

  • Cable Transition Glands are ideal for passing electrical cable through Water Reservoirs and water tanks with wall thicknesses up to 5mm.  The Cable Transitioner is IP68 rated which is fully waterproof and can be situated below water level if required.  The cable transition piece is suitable for use with solid walled items only (i.e. rigid plastic or steel tanks).

    The cable gland features an M20 threaded shoulder and removable M20 threaded nut, allowing for the gland to be pushed through a pre-drilled 20mm diameter hole and then clamped and sealed by the threaded nut.  At the other end of the gland is an EPDM rubber sleeve which will clamp and seal the electrical cable, making this water tight.

    For passing electrical cable through a flexible pond liner, Water Garden recommend the use of the OASE Tradux Liner Transition.

    • Accepts cable sizes 7.5mm - 14mm outside diameter
    • Maximum Tank Wall Thickness of 5mm
    • Drilling hole size - 20mm
    • Overall length - 43mm
    • Protruding installed length - 33mm
    • IP68 Rated (Fully Waterproof)
    • Constructed from robust black Polyamide / Rubber cable seal in EPDM
  • Quantity:

    £6.00 inc. VAT

    £5.00 exc. VAT

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