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  • FiltoClear 31000 Pressurised Pond Filter

  • The OASE FiltoClear 31000 is a compact pressure filter for ornamental garden ponds, Goldfish ponds and Koi Carp ponds.

    The FiltoClear 31000 is fitted with 3 grades of filter foam media for mechanical and biological filtration. The filter foams are cleaned by simply pulling the top handle up to squeeze the foams, and redirecting the outlet flow via the cleaning valve to pump the dirty water out of the system. The filter has an integrated 60 watt UV lamp, which can be replaced very easily without the need to switch off the pump. There is also a flow-driven cleaning rotor which rotates around the UV glass, keeping it clean.

    The FiltoClear 31000 can be partially buried in ground and the return pipe can be elevated above the level of the filter to provide flow to a stream or water fall return to the pond. The optional FiltoCap Stone Grey Rock Cover can be used to disguise the head of filter.

    Requires Flexible Hose Pipe and will fit sizes 1 ½” (38mm) and 2” (50mm).

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The FiltoClear pressurised pond filter range has been overhauled and redesigned by the Oase engineers.  Now featuring an integral 60 watt UVC which can be removed for maintenance even when the pond pump is left running, this also prevents quartz sleeves from being shattered during the annual UVC lamp change.

The internal foam plate assembly has been redesigned to ensure a smoother, more precise compression of the filter foams when operating the maintenance handle to squeeze debris from the filter foams. This new mechanism has reduced the force required to operate the handle by 50% compared to its predecessors. In addition to this, an extra intermediary foam has been included. The purple foam provides a step in size between the blue 'course' foams and red 'fine' foams to prevent the red foams from becoming excessively clogged.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Filtoclear model
Dimensions in mm (Ø x H)
380 x 370
380 x 488
380 x 608
380 x 728
Hose connections (Inlet / Outlet and Sludge Outlet - fitting supplied)
1 1/2" (38mm) / 2" (50mm)
Max Pump Capacity (litres/hour)
Maximum operating pressure
5 metres (0.5 bar)
Pollutant Indicator
Integral Ultraviolet Clarifier (UVC) 230 volts
18 watts
24 watts
42 watts
60 watts
230 V / 50 Hz
UVC cable length
5 metres
Qty of coarse filter foams (blue)
Qty of medium filter foams (purple)1111
Qty of fine filter foams (red)
Max. volume for ponds without fish
5000 L
13000 L
19000 L
31000 L
Max. volume for ponds with goldfish
2500 L
7000 L
10000 L
15000 L
Max. volume for ponds with Koi Carp
5000 L
7500 L
Supplied Pump (FiltoClear SETS only)AquaMax Eco Premium 4000AquaMax Eco Premium 9000AquaMax Eco Premium 13000AquaMax Eco Premium 16000
GuaranteeStandard 2 year, which can be increased, free of charge, to 3 years by completion and return of the corresponding request card.


Pump Comparison Chart for the OASE Aquamax Eco Premium pump range (4000 - 16000 Litres/Hour)

Aquamax Eco Premium Pump Model400090001300016000
Dimensions (mm)340 x 280 x 165mm
Max Flow Rate (litres per hour)400090001300015600
Max Flow Rate (litres per minute)66150216260
Max Discharge Head (metres)3.24.555.2
Max Suction Lift (metres, if appropriate)N/A
Threaded discharge connection2" BSPM
Threaded suction connection2" BSPM
Connection for Hoses1", 1 1/4",1 1/2", 2"
Solids handling capacity (mm Ø)11mm
Voltage/Hz220-240V / 50Hz
Power consumption watts40w60w100w145w
Cable length (metres)10m
Installation OptionsFully submerged or dry installed (with flooded suction)
Guarantee + Request Guarantee (years)3 + 2

Aquamax Eco Premium Pump installed with secondary inlet connected to a Satellite Strainer (left) and Aquaskim 40 Skimmer (right)

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium pump water
  • Outstanding energy efficiency with extraordinary flow rates
  • Flow optimised impeller passes debris particles, such as fish waste or vegetation, of up to 11mm Ø
  • For trouble free operation we recommend connection to a Satellite Strainer or Aquaskim 40 Skimmer
  • Flow rates can be mechanically adjusted or remote, electronically speed controlled with an Oase InScenio FM Master 3
  • Environmental Function Control (EFC by Oase) protects against dry running and blocking
  • Aquamax Eco Premium pumps Seasonal Flow Control reduces running speed in colder, Winter months. Thereby achieving additional energy savings of up to 30%
  • The guarantee of 3 years can be extended by an additional 2 years free of charge on request for a total of 5 years.


FiltoClear 31000 Pressurised Pond Filter

  • £589.99 inc. VAT


    £491.66 exc. VAT

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