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  • Lunaqua Power LED Spotlight

  • OASE Lunaqua Power LED Warm White Spotlight for use in conjunction with Lunaqua Power LED Driver/Transformer or, for extended mains cable reach, the Lunaqua Power LED Transformer with 20m Cable.  Up to 4 spotlights can be added to each transformer.

    Each Spotlight is fitted with a 4m low voltage cable and special submersible terminal for connecting to the submersible mains transformer.  The fully submersible Warm White Lunaqua Power LED spotlight consumes only 5.8 watts of power but offers similar performance to a 50 watt conventional halogen spotlight.

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    £138.00 inc. VAT

    £115.00 exc. VAT

Lunaqua Power LED Spotlight

  • £138.00 inc. VAT

    £115.00 exc. VAT

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