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  • The new model PondoVac 4 has been developed by OASE Engineers in Germany to provide continuous vacuum cleaning in garden ponds, fish ponds, swim ponds and swimming pools.  The powerful 1700 watt motor can extract pond debris from a depth of 2.4 metres (around 8ft) and the innovative twin chamber system allows the pond vac to continuously clean without stop/start disruption.  Used by private pond owners and landscapers alike, the PondoVac 4 offers a professional pond vacuuming solution at a cost effective price.

    The OASE Pond Vac 4 is also supplied with robust aluminium extension pieces, sludge collection bag, accessory tidy and an array of nozzle attachments to tackle removal of silt, fish waste, leaf debris, slime algae and blanketweed. The fine mesh sludge bag can be connected to the supplied 2.5m long discharge hose and placed over the edge of the pond or swimming pool, allowing larger particles of 1mm or greater to be harvested in the collection bag whilst the water returns back to the pond.

    • Powerful 1.7 kW motor and optimised turbine blades.
    • Large diameter casters and generous handle for easy manouvering around the garden.
    • Now includes roller nozzle, string algae nozzle, wide area nozzle, brush and adjustable floor nozzle. 
    • Also excellent for cleaning swimming pools and wet vacuuming floors in the house or patio tiles. 
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The new model PondoVac 4 incorporates the latest Oase engineering technology with 20% more power than its predecessor (the Pondovac 3) and capable of vacuuming down to depths of 2.4 metres. The NEW PONDOVAC 4 achieves non-stop cleaning avoiding annoying stop/start container emptying, like some of its inferior competitors and the old model Pondovac 2.

Two identically sized cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles within the Pondovac 4.  If one container is full then a valve is mechanically activated by a float.  This triggers emptying of one chamber and at the same time allows the other chamber to be filled.  This is how continuous vacuuming and emptying of the containers can occur at the same time with the Oase Pondovac 4!

The twin chamber Pond Vac 4 saves precious time, facilitates pond cleaning, assists existing filtration systems and guarantees a perfect result. An added bonus is the pond waste makes excellent fertilizer for flower beds and vegetable plots.

OASE Pondovac 4 Technical Details


Technical DetailsPondovac 4
Dimensions (Ø x H)380 x 685mm
Voltage230V / 50 Hz
Power consumption (watt)1,700
Maximum suction depth2.4m
Length of suction hose5m
Length of discharge hose2.5m
Cable length4m
Guarantee2+1= 3 years
Order No.50391
Wide nozzle supplied with the Oase Pondovac 4
Wide area nozzle for in and out of the pool or pond
Superb build quality is matched with high quality components on the pondovac

Wide area nozzle with rubber lips for cleaning flat areas in and out of the pond and wet vacuuming residual water

High quality components and switchgear have been utilised in the design of the Oase Pondovac 4
All purpose pond and pool nozzle with adjustable throatMulti-purpose nozzle supplied with the Pondovac 4 vaccum cleaner The Oase Pondovac 4 incorporates a twin chamber system for continuous vacuuming
Versatile, general purpose nozzle with adjustable 2 - 10mm aperture removes debris without lifting gravel and stones Unique twin chambers facilitate continuous vacuuming of the pond or swimming pool
Brush Nozzle supplied with Pondovac 4Brush nozzle for pond and swimming pool debris removal Various attachments and extension pieces are supplied with the Pondovac 4
New brush nozzle cleans cracks and crevices and is perfectly suited for use in both garden ponds and swimming pools Wide selection of accessories and attachments supplied with the innovative Pondovac 4
String Algae Nozzlestring algae removal nozzle supplied with Pondovac 4 
Pond or pool waste can be collected in the supplied sludge bag
String algae nozzle is especially designed to separate and remove blanket weed from pond sides and crevices
The supplied mesh bag will collect larger pond or swimming pool debris and features a drawstring

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  • I have used it just once since purchase. It worked fine and was easy to clean an put away. Had some problem with sucking up weed that tended to block the pipes and had to be cleared periodically but this was expected. A
    5 stars
  • Good suctions - works very well in my large pond
    5 stars
  • Works well but needs some use/time to get to full grips with it.
    5 stars

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PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

  • £389.99 inc. VAT

    £324.99 exc. VAT

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