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  • The highly popular PondoVac 3 is a market-leading Pond Vacuum Cleaner incorporating Oase Aquatic Technology.  Engineered in Germany, the Pond Vac 3 features a range of suction attachments and can be used to remove sludge and debris in ponds and water features.  The powerful motor allows removal of pond waste and leaf litter and can also be used to extract string algae using the special nozzle supplied.

    The removal of silt and unwanted litter from a pond floor will help to keep the pond healthy and will place less strain on any pump or pond filter system, meaning less frequent maintenance is required.  A pond vac is a highly useful maintenance tool year-round.

    Alternative models include the new OASE PondoVac 4 option, featuring aluminium extension poles and a more powerful motor than the original PondoVac 3 for more demanding pond cleaning applications.

    The newest addition to the range is the OASE PondoVac 5 which features a pumped discharge, allowing sludge and debris to be moved to an elevated point above the pond vacuum cleaner via the discharge hose supplied.

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Dimensions (Ø x H)380 x 685mm/15 x 27ins
Voltage230 V/50 Hz
Power consumption (watt)1600
Maximum suction depth2.1m/7ft
Length of suction hose5m/16ft
Length of discharge hose2.5m/8ft
cable length4m/13ft
Guarantee2+1= 3 years
Order No.37148
Standard nozzle for cleaning pond bottoms
String algae nozzle
Narrow nozzle for
cleaning dirt from
between stones
and plants
Wide nozzle for easy removal of water
Discharge net

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  • Michael Waterman
    It is a good machine,but think the remote control was a good idea. It is a good machine,but think the remote control was a good idea. M Waterman
    4 stars

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

PondoVac Pond Vacuum Cleaners

ModelPondoMaticPondoVac ClassicPondoVac 3PondoVac 4PondoVac 5PondoVac Premium
Ideal ForWater Features, Small PondsSmall PondsSmall Ponds, Medium PondsSmall Ponds, Medium PondsMedium Ponds, Large PondsLarge Ponds, Commercial Applications
Power Consumption1400w1400w1600w1700w2600w (suction + pump)2300w (suction + pump)
Suction depth max. (m)
Max. flow rate (L/h)3000300040005000800020000
Length, suction hose (m)
Length, discharge hose (m)
Suction MethodOn / Off (20 second suction / 20 second discharge)On / Off (single stage suction / discharge)Continuous Suction (2 stage suction / discharge)Continuous Suction (2 stage suction / discharge)Continuous Suction / Continuous DischargeContinuous Suction / Continuous Discharge

Discharge Method

Floating hose applicationNot PossibleNot PossibleNot PossibleNot Possible38mm50mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)370 x 370 x 580370 x 370 x 580435 x 395 x 670435 x 395 x 670436 x 425 x 716605 x 580 x 970
Net weight (kg)9.509.5012.5213.8024.4044.00
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Power cable length (m)
Guarantee2 Years2 Years2 + 1 Years2 + 1 Years2 + 1 Years2 + 1 Years
Part Number507705011037148429394198341388


Pondovac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

  • £334.99 inc. VAT


    £279.16 exc. VAT

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