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  • Phosless Flow 3000 Phosphate Binder

  • The OASE PhosLess Flow 3000 is an inline filter cartridge, specifically designed to reduce phosphate levels in ponds and water features.  The compact cartridge can extract up to 90g of PO4 from the water body, which will reduce suspended and string algae growth.  The PhosLess Flow 3000 is ideal for implementing where phosphate levels are greater than 0.2mg/Litre.

    The cartridge features 2" BSP connections for simple connection to off the shelf pond pumps and can be easily backflushed by reversing the water flow direction.  Multiple cartridges can be used in parallel to increase flow capacity if required.

    For even more effective removal of Phosphates, the OASE Power Flow 3000 can be used to extract down the 0.035mg/l to 0.01mg/l.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

Phosless Flow 3000 Technical Details

PhosLess Flow 3000 Technical Details

PhosLess Flow 3000 dimensions

Phosless Flow 3000 Phosphate Binder

  • £177.60 inc. VAT

    £148.00 exc. VAT

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