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  • PhosLess Power Flow 3000 Phosphate Binder

  • The OASE PhosLess Power Flow 3000 Phosphate Binder cartridge is designed for connection after the PhosLess Flow 3000 to further reduce Phosphates in ponds, swim ponds and water features down to between 0.035mg/l to as low as 0.01mg/l.  These levels are below the minimum value required for algae growth. 

    The Power Flow 3000 is capable of absorbing up to 150g of PO4 before the cartridge requires changing.

    • Installation in pond or dry install.
    • Optimal pumped flow rates between 300L/Hour and 3300L/Hour.
    • Supplied with 2" BSP Threaded Connections and Hosetails for simple in-line hose installation.
    • Minimum pressure requirement of only 3 metres head (0.3 bar) from the required pump.
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    £678.60 inc. VAT


    £565.50 exc. VAT

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PhosLess Power Flow Secure Flow Tech Chart

PhosLess Flow 3000 dimensions

PhosLess Power Flow 3000 Phosphate Binder

  • £678.60 inc. VAT


    £565.50 exc. VAT

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