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  • PondoStar RGB Spotlight Set of 3

  • The PondoStar LED RGB spotlights are designed for use in smaller ponds, water features and for gentle lighting of garden features.  Each spotlight consumes only 2 watts of power and delivers a fully controllable RGB functionallity which is capable with the included handheld remote. The set of 3 RGB spotlights also include a weatherproof transformer (IP65 rated) with 2 metres of 230V cable and a weatherproof controller for changing the colour of the spotlight which is supplied with 3 metres of cable to the first spotlight.

    The low voltage spotlights are connected in a daisy-chain formation, with 3 metres of 12v cable between the mains transformer and the controller with 2 metres of cable to the 1st spotlight and then 2 metres of cable between the 2 remaining spotlights.  The PondoStar spotlights can be used above ground and can also be fully and permanently submersed up to 1 metre deep in ponds, streams and water features.

    • 3 x 2w RGB underwater spotlights.
    • 12v to 230v Weatherproof IP65 Transformer, complete with 2m mains cable.
    • Radio Controller.and handheld remote handset
    • 3m of 12v cable from mains transformer to controller.
    • 2m cable between each spotlight in a daisychain formation.
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    £114.00 inc. VAT

    £95.00 exc. VAT

PondoStar RGB Spotlight Set of 3

  • £114.00 inc. VAT

    £95.00 exc. VAT

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