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  • ProMax Rain 4000

  • The OASE ProMax Rain 4000 is designed for use with rain water storage tanks. The ProMax Rain comfortably sits inside water tanks and delivers water to irrigation systems and general garden hoses. The pressure and flow delivered is very similar to that of a mains water supply, making watering the garden from a storage tank an easy task. The pump is supplied with a male BSPF "Hozelock" style hose connector allowing for easy connection to existing systems.

    The integrated float switch protects the unit from dry running, and can be used as an automation setup, activating each time the water level reaches a certain depth. This control is adjustable through a clip which sets the length of cable from pump to the top of the float switch.

    The pump inlet features a fine filter screen which prevents the intake of debris particles which potentially clog and block fine hoses and nozzles.  The pump has a flow rate of 4000 L/Hour and a max delivery head of 12m (1.2 bar).

    The ProMax Rain comes supplied with an anti-kink device to prevent hose kinks in the outlet leaving the storage tank, a BSPF hose connector(Hozelock style) and a hoisting rope for lowering and raising the pump into water butts and storage tanks.

    • 4000L/Hour flow rate and Max delivery head of 12m
    • High pressure water feed, similar to that of mains water supply
    • Makes using harvested rain water simple and efficient
    • Automatic shutoff through float switch, protects pump against dry running
    • Fine Mesh inlet filter protects hose and nozzles from blockages
    • 2 year OASE Guarantee
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Technical Info

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ProMax Rain 4000

  • £89.40 inc. VAT

    £74.50 exc. VAT

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