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  • ResinStone Bowls - (undrilled)

  • Our ResinStone bowls are designed to be sleek and resilient features that can be customized to create a range of contemporary water features.  The ResinStone material is a robust compound made from resin and powdered stone that is designed to stand up to the elements while remaining lightweight.

    Please note the ResinStone material will feature small surface imperfections and texture on the surface due to how these items are manufactured.

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Our ResinStone bowls can be used in a variety of ways to create bespoke water features using parts available off-the-shelf.
The ResinStone material is easy to drill and can accept hardware for mounting internally or externally.  Larger diameter holes for hose fittings and drains can also be made easily in the base to create reflection bowls, bubbler features and a range of other effects.
To create an overflowing bowl feature, we suggest the following:

ResinStone Bowls - (undrilled)

  • £396.00 inc. VAT

    £330.00 exc. VAT

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