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  • SGP Shadow Pond Dye - Treats 100,000L

  • Pond and lake dyes effectively combat algal growth in bodies of water by interrupting the photosynthesis cycle. Once the dye has dispersed into the water, it blocks the 'red' spectrum of light from reaching submerged weeds and algae. 

    Effectively acting as a light filter, similar to how sunglasses block out UV radiation, DyoFix blocks out the 'red' range of the colour spectrum, which is the part needed for photosynthesis to take place. 

    Coupled with Viresco Algae Control we can combat Algae from its foundations rather than applying continuous doses of Algaecides which can in turn have negative after effects. Algae will depend on nutrient and sunlight to thrive, in some cases it will only need one or the other in high enough quantities to grow. By preventing both high nutrient load and excessive sunlight we are able to prevent and combat algae blooms.

    Whilst not only offering a method of preventing algae, DyoFix SGP Shadow can be used for aesthetic reasons leaving the water with a tinted grey effect.

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