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DyoFix Lake and Pond Dyes

DyoFix Lake and Pond Dyes

DyoFix offers a range of water dyes to suit all sizes of ponds, from garden nature ponds to lakes over a mile long.

The entire range uses only the best quality food approved dyes and all will block out rays from the sun entering the water. In particular the red end of the spectrum, which effectively cuts of the photosynthesis cycle of submerged weeds and algae. By cutting off a small amount of the 'red' part of the light spectrum, weeds and algae will struggle to establish and grow.

DyoFix products are biologically safe and friendly, meaning they will not harm non-submerged Flora or Fauna or by drinking from the body of water. All DyoFix products are made using European Approved Food Colours to ensure their safety.

Whilst not only offering dyes to combat problematic algae growth, the dyes can also be used to create mirror like finishes on reflection ponds by using 'Pond Black'.

All DyoFix Lake & Pond Dyes are safe for use with Fish and Amphibians.

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