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  • Spiral Brush Cleaner for Aquarium Hose

  • The OASE Spiral Brush is ideal for cleaning out the internal bores of aquarium hoses, ranging from 9mm to 25mm internal hose diameter.  The cleaning brush has a flexible steel rod measuring 1.5 metres in length, making this suitable for virtually all fish tank flexible hoses. The brush head dimensions measure L50mm x 30mm diameter.  The OASE Spiral Brush can be used in fresh water, tropical aquariums and marine fish tanks but should be flushed with fresh water after use in salt water applications to prolong the service life of the product. 

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    £9.99 inc. VAT

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Spiral Brush Cleaner for Aquarium Hose

  • £9.99 inc. VAT

    £8.33 exc. VAT

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