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  • String algae, also known as filamentous algae or blanket weed, can grow very rapidly in ponds.  These long strands of algal bloom tend to congregate around the pond perimeter, gripping on to pond liners or concrete walls.  As the algae cannot be passed through the pump to a UV clarifier, String Algae needs to be treated with a specialist water treatment such as the OASE String Algae Control treatment.  This quickly and effectively disrupts the growth, causing the blanketweed to break up and sink to the pond floor for simple removal with a pond algae net or pond vacuum cleaner.

    • Safely effective against the most occuring algae types, string algae, suspended algae, and slime algae
    • Specifically effective against Duckweed (Lemna Minor)
    • Inhibits photosynthesis of the algae; algae starves
    • Effective without controversial copper additives
    • Harmless for plants and fish when used in the correct dosage
    • Prevents further algae growth
    • Optimal supplements AquaActiv OptiPond and AquaActiv PhosLess
    • Not suitable for wildlife ponds containing insects, molluscs, frogs or spawn.
    • For wildlife ponds, Extract of Barleystraw is a more suitable treatment.
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  • Early days but instructions are clear. Early days but instructions are clear. next few months will see if the algae is kept under control but so far so good
    4 stars

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String Algae Control - treats 10,000 Litres

  • £22.80 inc. VAT

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