OASE AlGo Universal Algae Control Treatment - Water Garden

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  • AlGo Universal - 0.5L treats 10,000 Litres

    • Effective against most common types of algae such as string algae or brown algae.
    • Inhibits the metabolization of algae cells.
    • Reduces the formation of algae by inhibiting photsynthesis.
    • Effective in ponds upto 10,000L
    • Effective against duckweed

    We recommend using AlGo Universal with our OptiPond and PhosLess Direct pond treatments to keep your pond healthy and clean.

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    £22.80 inc. VAT

    £19.00 exc. VAT

AlGo Universal - 0.5L treats 10,000 Litres

  • £22.80 inc. VAT

    £19.00 exc. VAT

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