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  • 3 Way OASE Water Diverter

  • The OASE 3 way Water Diverter is designed to split and control water flow in 3 directions from a single incoming water supply.  The 2" BSP Male threaded inlet connection can be directly coupled to a suitable pond pump or can be indirectly connected via an optional 2" BSPF Multistage Hosetail Connector and Flexible PVC Pond Hose.

    The 3 Way Valve is supplied with 3 x Hosetail outlets to fit 1" or 1 1/4" Internal Diameter Flexible Hose and each outlet is integrated with a full flow ball valve for exact control and distribution of outgoing water flow.

    The Water Diverter is ideally suited to our 1200mm and 1500mm Water Blades, facilitating connection to the 3 x 1" BSPF blade inlet connections via the recommended 1" internal diameter flexible hose.  This splitter valve is also ideal for use with the Pump Vault 20000 and Pump Vault 60000 enabling flow to be split in 2 or 3 directions, to a waterfall or rill for example.

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    £69.60 inc. VAT

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3 Way OASE Water Diverter

  • £69.60 inc. VAT

    £58.00 exc. VAT

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