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7 Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning your Pond Filter


1.  Maintain your filter pumpInspect your filter pump for signs of blockage. Soak this in a descaling solution to remove any lime scale built up around the impeller before returning it to the pond.


2.  Switch on your UV light – If the temperature is consistently reaching 8ºC, it is time to reactivate your ultraviolet clarifier.  This will tackle suspended algae, the cause of green 'pea soup' water quality issues in ponds.

UV Bulb

3.  Replace your UV lamp – If your UV lamp is 12-18 months old, it may be due for a change. Now is the ideal time to replace this in time for the Spring/Summer algae blooms.



4.  Clean and inspect your filter – If left outside over winter, inspect your filter and UV for frost damage. Replace any components which have been damaged by frost. Flush out any settled dirt within the filter. Squeeze your filter sponges in a bucket of pond water to remove any restrictive organic waste build up.

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5.  Replace your filter sponges – If filter sponge media is showing signs of physical wear or degradation, Spring is the perfect time of the year to replace these.

biokick fresh in hand


6.  Kick-start your filter biology – Introduce BioKick Starter Bacteria to the pond filter in order to bring the biological element your filter system up to full effectiveness.

Zeolite filter cartridges


7.  Recharge your Zeolite – If using a filter system that incorporates Zeolite media, soak this in salt water to purge out all absorbed substances. This will ensure that the media will be fully effective again for the coming season.

For more info on Spring pond care, see our Spring Pond Care Tips article.

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