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PondLess Waterfall Set - 5m x 1m Stream

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  • PondLess Waterfall Set - 5m x 1m Stream

  • Our PondLess Waterfall Sets are the perfect addition to any outdoor space and allow you to create beautiful, natural looking features.

    Our PondLess Waterfall Set 5m x 1m will create up to a 5m long waterfall and includes everything you will need to construct your ideal feature. The PondLess Waterfall Set 5m x 1m includes the Oase Maxima Blocks and Pump Chamber for structure and a Watercourse Spring 22500 that are all designed to be used together to create either a bespoke smooth and relaxing watercourse or a more dramatic multi-level water fall pond free feature.

    PondLess features are simple to operate and require less maintenance than typical ponds as all equipment is hidden and doesn't require an open pool of water.  If flow control is required an optional 2" in-line flow regulator can be purchased separately.

    • Recommended maximum stream height of 2m
    • Suggested cascade channel width: 1m
    • Low Maintenance
    • Energy Efficient
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    £2,420.39 inc. VAT

    £2,016.99 exc. VAT

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PondLess Waterfall Set 5m x 1m Stream Includes:

6 x Maxima Blocks2 x 2" Union Hosetail
1 x Pump Vault 60000 + Extension1 x 4m x 5m Reservoir Liner
1 x Watercourse Spring 225001 x 20m2 Reservoir Underlay
1 x ST25000 Pump1 x 2m x 5m Stream Liner
1 x 5m x 2" Hose1 x 10m2 Stream Underlay
2 x SK50 Hose Clips1 x Gold Label Pond Sealant - Black
1 x 2" - 1 1/2" Reducing Bush1 x Waterfall Foam - 12oz x 2

PondLess Waterfall Set Installation Infographic


1. Reservoir Underlay

6. Pump

2. Reservoir Liner

7. Stream Underlay

3. Aggregate*

8. Stream Liner

4. Maxima Blocks

9. 2" Hose

5. Pump Chamber

10. Water Course Spring

*Stones and aggregate not included

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Designing a Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfalls are easy to install, low maintenance features that are designed to integrate into your garden or outdoor space to create an attractive, tranquil or exciting waterfall feature without the need for an exposed pool of water. Pondless fountains work by creating an underground reservoir that is filled with load bearing Maxima Blocks and a pump chamber covered over with rocks, stones or aggregate.  This will allow the flow of water from the waterfall to disappear into the ground to then be recirculated back to the top of the feature by a pump located in the reservoir.  Pondless Waterfall features work best and look most attractive when the waterfall spillway is positioned higher than the reservoir and the stream is decorated with larger rocks, steps and plants to create a truly breath taking, bespoke water feature.

Reservoir and Pump Chamber

The reservoir area of the Pondless Waterfall feature is created by digging a hole in the ground L1.5m x W0.9m x D1.2m in size and lining it with our heavy duty protective underlay and a flexible, waterproof EPDM pond liner. This will create a waterproof area that will be filled with water to be pumped up the top of the feature and recirculated back down the waterfall.  After lining the reservoir position the pump chamber with the extension attached to one corner then backfill around the chamber and fill the of the area with approx. 20cm of gravel.  Place the maxima blocks into the area on top of the gravel then backfill around them to secure everything in place.  This arrangement will create a structure within the reservoir comprised of around 96% empty space for water volume.  The pump chamber will provide a clear area for the pump to be located and will prevent any debris (leaves, rocks etc.) from being sucked into the pump.  Once the interior structure has been constructed stones and aggregate can be placed on top to disguise everything.

Pond Liner and Underlay

A Pondless Waterfall uses two liners with protective underlay to waterproof the feature, one liner with underlay for the reservoir area and one liner with underlay for the water course.  These two liners will overlap and seal where the watercourse and reservoir meet and the watercourse liner will be attached and sealed to the rear of the spillway outlet to create a single long liner that will keep the flow of water within the boundaries of the feature.

Pump and Watercourse Outlet

Our Pondless Waterfall kits include an appropriately sized pump for each size of waterfall feature and are designed to house the pump in the pump chamber inside of the reservoir area to circulate the flow of water from the reservoir up to the top of the feature to then flow back down and recirculate again.  Our Pondless Waterfall Kits are also supplied with a WaterCourse Spring outlet that will be installed at the top of the feature and connected to the pump using the included 2" flexible hose.  The watercourse Spring will tranquilize and disperse the turbulent flow of water across the width of the watercourse allowing it to flow smoothly and consistently down the feature without splashing or overrunning and can be hidden within the landscaping with rocks to disguise it and give the illusion the feature is fed by a natural spring.

Fittings and Accessories

Our range of Pondless Waterfall features are supplied with all fittings and accessories you will need to build your feature including hose connections, reducing fittings, adhesive and expanding waterfall foam to ensure the watercourse is watertight and secure.



Stream Bed Construction Infographic3(watermarked)

Performance Data

Performance Data

Pondless Waterfall Reservoir Structure Infographic

Our Pondless Waterfall Reservoir area must be dug to a size of L1.5m x W0.9m x D1.2m.

Pondless Waterfall Sump Infographic(watermarked)         Pondless Waterfall Sump Infographic2(watermarked)


Pump Vault 60000 Installation Graphic3(watermarked)






PondLess Waterfall Set - 5m x 1m Stream

  • £2,420.39 inc. VAT

    £2,016.99 exc. VAT

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