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  • 1/2HP Floating Aerating Fountain

  • The 1/2 HP Floating Aerator Fountain is a perfect focal point for any large pond or lake due to its impressive performance and versatility.  The 1/2 HP Floating Fountain is supplied with 5 different, easy-change fountain nozzle attachments out of the box that provide you with various water effects.  The 1/2 HP Floating Fountain is designed to provide your pond or lake the vital oxygen it needs up to a maximum area of 1000m2 (1/4 acre) to maintain water quality and enhance your lake or pond with an easy to install and efficient floating water feature.

    • Versatile and efficient floating fountain for larger ponds and small lakes
    • Simple to install and can easily be relocated
    • Supplied with 5 fountain nozzles
    • Capable of aerating pond and lakes up to 1000m2 (1/4 acres)
    • Operates in water depths of 38cm (15") or greater
    • Power consumption of 484w
    • Efficient 0.5 HP, single phase, 230V motor
    • 10m mains power cable supplied
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty
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    £2,398.00 inc. VAT

    £1,998.33 exc. VAT


The 1/2 HP Floating Fountain comes as a complete package containing the motor, float, mooring lines, interchangeable nozzles and power cable with an additional propeller guard and bottom intake screen to prevent debris entering the fountain and clogging the unit, offering continuous operation and minimal maintenance.  The fountain effectively controls algae, aquatic weeds and foul odours as well as creating horizontal currents – thus deterring insects and insect breeding in otherwise stagnant waters.

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Technical Info


1/2 HP | 50Hz

Spray Height (m)
Spray Diameter (m)


Floating Aerator Fountain:  Mooring Suggestions.

Kasco Fountain Mooring

If anchoring is preferred you will need to source a suitable ballast. If shore mooring is preferred Water Garden Ltd recommends a heavy duty Ground Screw or Stake. 

The mooring ropes supplied can be replaced with Stainless Steel Wire, Caribiner Clips, and Wire Cleats. These are obtainable from most hardware stores.




1/2HP Floating Aerating Fountain

  • £2,398.00 inc. VAT

    £1,998.33 exc. VAT

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