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  • 6-in-1 Floating Aerator Fountain

  • The 6-in-1 Aerating Fountains are a versatile and beautiful way to introduce aeration to large marine or freshwater environments, featuring a 1HP 208-240V Single phase motor that will provide excellent performance in any setting while remaining power and cost-efficient.

    The 6-in-1 comes in a complete package that is ready to go out of the box, which includes 6 interchangeable nozzle heads, a UV resistant high-density thermoplastic float and 2 x 15m braided nylon tethering lines.

    This floating aeration fountain system can be used in saltwater applications thanks to the installed sacrificial zinc anode that prevents corrosion from salt water. Suitable to sufficiently aerate bodies of water up to 2,000m² (½ acre) while the anti-clog design allows for solids up to 2.5cm (1") to pass through without causing blockages. The 6-in-1 model fountain comes with the option to add bolt-on lighting packages to extend the visual impact of your fountain into the evening hours.

    • Sacrificial, replaceable Anode installed for Corrosion Protection and use in saltwater applications.
    • Top intake design that can operate in water as shallow as 0.5m.
    • Highly efficient motor design and low operating costs with a power consumption of 1,430W
    • 6 individual UV resistant fountain nozzles.
    • Optional Halogen Light Set available.
    • 2x 15m Nylon tethering lines included.
    • 10m Power Cable (3 x 1.5mm core) pre-wired to the motor unit.
    • 2-year warranty.
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    £4,476.00 inc. VAT

    £3,730.00 exc. VAT



Kasco-New-4400-Linden-RGB-SQ (1)Kasco-New-4400-Willow-RGB-SQKasco-New-4400-Cypress-RGB-SQ
Linden NozzleWillow NozzleCypress Nozzle
H: 3.6m W: 9.4mH: 2.7m W: 9.4mH: 2.7m W: 8.5m
Kasco-New-4400-Sequoia-RGB-SQJuniper smallKasco-New-4400-Birch-RGB-SQ
Sequoia NozzleJuniper NozzleBirch Nozzle
H: 5.4m W: 3.3mH: 1.8m W: 8.8mH: 3.3m W: 2.4m

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info


HPVoltageAmperageWattsMin Depth RequirementCord LengthSugg. Pond Size
4400EJF1hp208-240V6.5 Amp1430W49cmStub (1m)



Linden NozzleWillow nozzleJuniper nozzleCypress nozzleSequoia nozzleBirch nozzle












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6-in-1 Floating Aerator Fountain

  • £4,476.00 inc. VAT

    £3,730.00 exc. VAT

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