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  • AquaAir Eco 250 Floating Lake Aerator

    • Provides beneficial oxygen for lakes and large ponds up to 250,000 litres (55500 gallons)
    • EGC connection and controllability
    • Floating design offers easy relocation to problem areas
    • Supplied with pondside anchoring kit
    • Deep and shallow zones effectively aerated through adjustable flow injector
    • High flow, air/water venturi transforms standing water and silt layer up to 4 metres deep
    • Integrated 26000 litre per hour (95 gpm) pump produces powerful water flow conditions
    • Air displacement of up to 8500 litres per hour
    • Ideal for preventing ice formation through constant water movement
    • 3 Year Guarantee
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Oxygen plays a crucial role in biological regeneration by breaking down nutrients in water. Many of the problems associated with artificial ponds and lakes, such as algae infestation, silt or odour nuisance can be attributed to oxygen deficiency.

The OASE AquaAir Eco 250 is a powerful floating aerator, providing ponds and lakes (with a surface area up to 250m²) with vital oxygen for optimum water quality, healthier fish and plants.

Tip:  Plants produce oxygen during the day but absorb it after sunset; therefore the survival of all breathing organisms and especially fish is particularly endangered during this time, and especially just before dawn when the oxygen supply may be exhausted.

We recommend using ByoFix Lake Bacteria alongside an aerator to improve water quality by increasing and maintaining beneficial aerobic bacteria levels.

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Technical Details for OASE Aqua Air Eco 250 Floating Lake Aerator 

The Oase Aqua Air Eco 250 is a floating aerator that supplies oxygen for lakes and large ponds up to 250,000 litres (55,555 gallons). A powerful pump supplies the pond or lake with an air/water mixture utilizing a surface air intake connected to an underwater venturi. The high volume flow guarantees oxygen supply to the entire body of water through strong output flow currents. Deep and shallow water zones can be aerated with oxygen supplied through the adjustable angle flow injector.

The Aqua Air Eco 250 also features EGC connectivity which will allow you to control the unit using our InScenio FM Master EGC Cloud or the Inscenio EGC Control Cloud.

Stainless stteel rope anchoring system included

Stainless steel rope anchoring system included

Floating Lake Aerator Oase Aqua Air Eco 250
Dimensions (L x W x H) 725 (28 ½”) x 555 (22") x 310mm (12 ¼”)
Voltage230V / 50Hz
Cable length30 metres (98 ft)
Power Consumption 60 - 440 watt (0.59 H.P.)
Turnover rate per hour26000 litres (95 gpm)
Air Displacement, approximately8500 litres/hour
Strainer surface area3000cm²
Radiation depth, subject to jet angle settingup to 4 metres
Minimum Operating Water Depth500mm (20")
Sutable for pond & Lake volume max.250m³ (55500 gallons)
Guarantee3 Year Guarantee
Adjustable angle of flow
Adjustable angle of flow
Venturi air discharge output
Powerful 440 watt pump drive
Corrosion resistant strainer basket



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AquaAir Eco 250 Floating Lake Aerator

  • £2,449.99 inc. VAT

    £2,041.66 exc. VAT

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