OASE Biokick 100ml Pond Filter Starter Bacteria
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  • Biokick Filter Starter - 100ml treats 5000L

  • OASE Biokick is designed to 'kickstart' the biological action in pond filters by rapidly increasing the quantity of beneficial 'friendly' aerobic bacteria breeding on the filter sponges.  The 100ml Biokick is suitable for treating a pond of up to 5000 Litres.

    • Activates the biology in a pond filter
    • Detoxification of nitrite, ammonium and ammonia starts immediately
    • Ideal for dosing after a filter clean or at the start of spring to kick start the filter
    • Dramatically reduces the time taken for bacteria to fully populate the filter media
    • Easy to apply - pour directly into the pond or into the filter box

    Also available in a Biokick 200ml version for ponds up to 10,000 Litres or Biokick Bulk (2L) for larger ponds up to 100,000 Litres capacity.

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Biokick Filter Starter - 100ml treats 5000L Reviews

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