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  • AquaMed Safe&Care - 0.5l treats 10,000L

    • AquaMed Safe&Care is a concentrated water conditioner for optimal living conditions in the garden pond.
    • Makes tap water suitable for fish and biotope.
    • Immediately binds chlorine and toxic heavy metals present in tap water.
    • Bio-protection colloids protect the mucous membrane from injury and infection.
    • Ideal for use after fresh water has been introduced to the pond, and also after the use of medication.
    • Optimal Supplements AquaActiv OptiPond and AquaActiv BioKick Fresh for introduction of vital minerals and microorganisms to fresh water.

    Dosage Instructions:

    Use AquaMed Safe&Care after every introduction of fresh water to the pond, and after concluding a period of medication.

    50ml per 1000 litres of fresh water introduced to the pond.

  • Quantity:

    £22.80 inc. VAT

    £19.00 exc. VAT

AquaMed Safe&Care - 0.5l treats 10,000L Reviews

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