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  • BF Series Injector Aerator Pump

  • The BF Series Injector Aerator Pump is designed for use in larger ponds and lakes which require oxygenation and circulation of water in shallow zones.  The high performance 55,000L/Hour submersible pump is interconnected with a vertical air feed pipe which pulls up to 16,000 Litres/Hour of air flow from above water surface, mixing this with the pumped water via Venturi principle and ejects a horizontal column of aerated water.  The BF Series mixer pump is therefore ideal for pushing and oxygenating water in stagnant zones within lakes, golf course water hazards and larger commercial water features.  The fully submersible pump is supplied with a 2 piece, push fit air snorkel pipe and air regulator valve to precisely control the air/water mix as desired.

    • Water Flow Rate:  55,000 Litres/Hour
    • Air Flow Rate:  16,000 Litres/Hour
    • Submersion Depth:  40cm Min. / 110cm Max.
    • Power Consumption:  300 Watts
    • Electrical Connection:  230V / Single Phase
    • Cable Length:  4.7m
    • Dimensions:  L70cm x W28cm x H26cm
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    £594.00 inc. VAT

    £495.00 exc. VAT

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Technical Info

Technical Info

The pump base is pre-drilled to allow 4 x M6 screws (not supplied) to be used to secure the pump to a suitable ballast such as a paving slab or concrete bed to prevent the unit from moving during operation.  Water Garden Ltd recommend a minimum submersion depth of 40cm and a maximum depth of 110cm to prevent the air intake snorkel from becoming submersed during operation.  The BF Series will influence an area of water of up to 200m2 so can be strategically placed in zones where nutrient-rich water is creating problematic issues with algal bloom or noxious smells.  Aeration can be supplemented with our Lake Bacteria to assist in digesting organic waste or high performance Lake Dyes to reduce sunlight exposure and unwanted algae growth.

BF Series Injector Aerator Pump

  • £594.00 inc. VAT

    £495.00 exc. VAT

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