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  • The BioSmart 7000 is designed in Germany by OASE engineers offering the perfect cost effective, entry level filtration solution for garden ponds up to 7000 Litres (approximately 1550 Gallons).   The integrated Ultraviolet Clarifier will tackle suspended algae (green water) producing crystal clear water clarity.

    • Max. pond volume 7000 litres (no fish); 3500 litres (average fish stock e.g. goldfish)
    • Integrated 9 watt ultraviolet clarifier with indicator light for green water removal
    • Achieves a healthy pond eco system with clear, algae-free, oxygen-rich water
    • Pollution indicator shows when maintenance is required
    • Thermometer for monitoring the water temperature
    • OASE clear water Guarantee due to mechanical-biological filtration and with modern UVC technology
    • Easy-clean function completed in minutes for convenient and effective maintenance
    • Guaranteed for 2 years

    Recommended Pumps:  Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 2500 or FP2500 Filter Pump (NOT Included).

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  • Maximum flow-through 2750 litres/hour.
  • Special filter foams (red and blue) for highly effective nitrification.
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality materials in functional design and first class workmanship.
  • Recommended Pump:  Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 2500 (NOT Included with Biosmart 7000 UVC Filter).

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  • Aquaflora Landscapes
    Great filter unit for the smaller ponds. Compact, efficient and easy to maintain. Don't forget to add some return pipe.
    5 stars
  • Mike Cork
    Excellent piece of kit that does the job can run at full force if required and will not overflow, the "needs cleaning" indicator works very well and the garden hose connection makes cleaning a breeze, a bit on the
    5 stars
  • Anonymous
    Doi good job once I'd got my pipework in order.
    5 stars

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Oase Biosmart 8000 pond filter  
Oase Biosmart 16000 pond filter
Oase Biosmart 24000 pond filter
The Biosmart Set 7000 with 9 watt UVC and OASE FP2500 pump The Biosmart Set 14000 with 11 watt UVC and OASE FP3500 pump The Biosmart Set 24000 with 24 watt UVC and Aquamax Eco Classic 5500 pump


Oase Biosmart 7000/14000/18000/36000 Filters: Product at a glance:


  • Proven garden pond filter sets from OASE, the worlds leading manufacturer of Aquatic technology
  • Guaranteed clear, healthy pond water through mechanical and biological cleaning
  • Effective self-cleaning Ultraviolet Clarifier (UVC) technology fitted to the Biosmart 7000 & Biosmart 14000 filters, safely eliminates algae and pathogens.
  • Vital Oxygen enrichment through specially designed water channeling aids biological cleaning
  • Easy-clean function of distinctive Oase filter foams without removal from filter housing completed in minutes.
  • Integrated sludge drain fitted to the Biosmart 18000 & 36000 filter for easy removal of debris when cleaning.
  • Convenient monitoring of filter status with integral pollution level indicator and temperature gauge.
  • Optional addition of the Oxytex CWS pond aerator can improve filter performance by 25% with minimal cost and space implications


BioSmart Filter


(Biotec 10.1)

Filter Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
380 x 280 x 410
560 x 380 x 410
382 x 555 x 408
767 x 555 x 408
UVC power consumption
9 watts
11 watts
230 V / 50Hz
Cable Length
3 metres
Max. Flow Through (litres per hour)
Hose connections (inlet)
3/4" (19mm) - 1 1/2" (38mm)
1" (25mm) - 1 1/2" (38mm)
Clean Water Discharge connection
50 Ø mm
70 Ø mm
Sludge Discharge Threaded Connection
1 1/2" BSP Male
DN 50
Qty of course filter foams (blue)
Qty of fine filter foams (red)
Qty of ultra fine filter foams (green)
Max. volume for ponds without fish
Max. volume for ponds with gold fish
Max. volume for ponds with Koi


Biosmart filters
Integrated UVC
Biokick CWS starter bacteria

Biosmart filters include Oase distinctive filter foams, with maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria, which transform toxic ammonia and nitrate into harmless nitrogen. Foams are easily squeezed clean, in situ, by the innovative compression mechanism


Integrated UVC Technology The integrated ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) ensures safe elimination of algae and pathogens on the Biosmart 7000 & 14000 filter models.


The optional use of OASE BioKick filter starter will dramatically increase the amount of beneficial bacteria within the BioSmart Filter and will colonise the filter foams to help break down waste matter organically.

sludge drain

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Easy to read temperature guage
Easy access to sludge drain for simple removal of sludge and debris (not on Biosmart 7000)
Easy to read temperature gauge.


BioSmart 7000 UVC Pond Filter

  • £179.40 inc. VAT

    £149.50 exc. VAT

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