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  • BioTec Premium Filter Set 80000 ECO

  • The BioTec Premium Set 80000 is a pump supplied filtration system featuring the innovative self-cleaning BioTec Premium 80000 pond filter, the low energy AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 filtration pump and the economical Bitron ECO 120 watt UVC.

    • Set contains BioTec Premium 80000, AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 pump & Bitron ECO 120w UV.
    • For wildlife and ornamental ponds up to 80,000 litres (with no fish stock)
    • For Goldfish ponds to 40,000 litres (1kg of fish stock per 1000 litres of water max).
    • For Koi Carp Ponds to 20,000 litres (2kg of fish stock per 1000 litres of water max).
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OASE BioTec Premium 80000 Filter Set

The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 filter set consists of 3 products; the two-stage BioTec Premium 80000 pump fed filter, the AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 solids-handling pump, the digital Bitron ECO 120 UVC.

OASE BioTec Premium 80000 Pond Filter (Pump Fed)

The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 filter is a mechanical and biological fish pond filter. The first stage mechanical filtration is in the form of a rotary drum that intercepts solid waste pollutants down to a tiny size of 150 microns, automatically spray cleaning and purging out accumulated waste via the front drain when soiled. Rotary cleans can be set at timed intervals or the filter can be allowed to clean intelligently when blockage causes a change in the water level. Biological filtration happens in the secondary filtration stage via a series of filter foams of differing grades of coarseness. These provide an abundance of surface area for aerobic bacteria to digest convert harmful soluble waste in solution as strained water flushes through the foam banks, after the drum has taken out the solids.The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 should be connected to the submersed AquaMax Eco Premium pump via 2" flexible hose pipe. The twin inlets at the front of the filter will connect directly to a Bitron ECO ultraviolet clarifier.

The BioTec Premium 80000 filter unit is an intelligent, two staged, self-cleaning filtration system incorporating the latest in automated drum cleaning technology from OASE. The large rotating drum mechanically screens out particles down to 150µm in size through its fine-mesh sieve elements. The drum cleaning cycles can be programmed manually to clean at set intervals, or can be allowed to cycle automatically when the water level sensor detects a waste build up on the sieve screens.The rear of the filter contains sponge banks in 3 grades of coarseness for biological filtration through nitrification, the breakdown of ammonia and nitrite by aerobic cultures. The filter sponges provide a huge surface area on which aerobic bacteria break down the soluble waste after the solids have been removed.

The AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 pump delivers the perfect flow rate through the filter, taking organic waste suspended in the water and it passing it to the drum for removal. The Bitron ECO 120 watt UV mounts on the front of the filter, turning algae into removable floc before it enters the rotary drum.

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Technical Info

BioTec Premium 80000 Filter - Technical Details


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BioTec Premium Filter Set 80000 ECO

  • £2,994.00 inc. VAT

    £2,495.00 exc. VAT

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