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  • BioTec Premium Filter Set 80000 ECO

  • The BioTec Premium Set 80000 is a pump supplied filtration system featuring the innovative self-cleaning BioTec Premium 80000 pond filter, the low energy AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 filtration pump and the economical Bitron ECO 120 watt UVC.

    The BioTec Premium 80000 filter unit is an intelligent, two staged, self-cleaning filtration system incorporating the latest in automated drum cleaning technology from OASE. The large rotating drum mechanically screens out particles down to 150µm in size through its fine-mesh sieve elements. The drum cleaning cycles can be programmed manually to clean at set intervals, or can be allowed to cycle automatically when the water level sensor detects a waste build up on the sieve screens.The rear of the filter contains sponge banks in 3 grades of coarseness for biological filtration through nitrification, the breakdown of ammonia and nitrite by aerobic cultures. The filter sponges provide a huge surface area on which aerobic bacteria break down the soluble waste after the solids have been removed.

    The AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 pump delivers the perfect flow rate through the filter, taking organic waste suspended in the water and it passing it to the drum for removal. The Bitron ECO 120 watt UV mounts on the front of the filter, turning algae into removable floc before it enters the rotary drum.

    • Set contains BioTec Premium 80000, AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 pump & Bitron ECO 120w UV.
    • For wildlife and ornamental ponds up to 80,000 litres (with no fish stock)
    • For Goldfish ponds to 40,000 litres (1kg of fish stock per 1000 litres of water max).
    • For Koi Carp Ponds to 20,000 litres (2kg of fish stock per 1000 litres of water max).
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    £2,949.60 inc. VAT

    £2,458.00 exc. VAT

OASE BioTec Premium 80000 Filter Set

The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 filter set consists of 3 products; the two-stage BioTec Premium 80000 pump fed filter, the AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 solids-handling pump, the digital Bitron ECO 120 UVC.

OASE BioTec Premium 80000 Pond Filter (Pump Fed)

The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 filter is a mechanical and biological fish pond filter. The first stage mechanical filtration is in the form of a rotary drum that intercepts solid waste pollutants down to a tiny size of 150 microns, automatically spray cleaning and purging out accumulated waste via the front drain when soiled. Rotary cleans can be set at timed intervals or the filter can be allowed to clean intelligently when blockage causes a change in the water level. Biological filtration happens in the secondary filtration stage via a series of filter foams of differing grades of coarseness. These provide an abundance of surface area for aerobic bacteria to digest convert harmful soluble waste in solution as strained water flushes through the foam banks, after the drum has taken out the solids.The OASE BioTec Premium 80000 should be connected to the submersed AquaMax Eco Premium pump via 2" flexible hose pipe. The twin inlets at the front of the filter will connect directly to a Bitron ECO ultraviolet clarifier.

Key Features

Rotary Drum

Spray Cleaning

3 Grade Foams

Drain Valve

drum (2)


biotec_premium_80000_cross_section (2)


The large motorised rotary drum screens out solid waste particles down to 150 microns via 6 fine mesh sieves during clean cycles. Clean cycles are prompted by a water level sensor in automatic mode or these can be programmed manually at set timed intervals by the user.

The cleaning pump located beneath the rotary drum fires a high-pressure jet of water onto the drum via a spray nozzle as it performs rotations. This loosens organic waste trapped in the sieves on the inside of the drum, depositing this waste into a collection tray connected to the water outlet from where the collected water produce is released.

The OASE 3 grade filter foam system ensures an abundance of surface area for different bacteria cultures to populate and effectively convert soluble waste products through nitrification. Blue foam is rough, Violet foam is medium coarse and Red foam is fine. OASE foams are well built and resist wear for many years of use.

The watertight slide valve at the foot of the filtration unit allows water level to be dropped quickly. This is ideal should cleaning or maintenance be required, or should the system require draining for removal or relocation. Pipes can be connected to the outlet for gravity draining of the water to a soak away, main drain or planting bed.


Easy Clean Handles

Digital Controls

Flexible Installation

Waste Discharge





Each individual filter foam in the BioTec Premium 80000 is mounted on its own support with an easy clean handle. To release dirt from the foam, simply pull the handle upward to compress the foam. This design makes cleaning very easy as the filter foam rarely requires removal from the filter. This also ensures that the bacteria on the foam are preserved and not removed during handling.

The weatherproof control unit mounts externally. This digital control system connects and controls all devices within the filter unit, such as the drum motor and the cleaning pump. This allows the automated intelligent cleaning program or timed cleaning intervals to be set. The screen provides a visual water temperature reading on the digital display and detects issues.

The BioTec Premium filter unit allows for various methods of installation. The front features twin ports which allow a Bitron ECO UV to be directly mounted to the filter box. There is also a separate 2" inlet port which will accept a direct hose pipe connection, ideal if the installation incorporates an inline UVC which cannot be directly fit, or if UV is not being used at all.

Accumulated solid waste is automatically flushed out of the filter every time the drum performs a cleaning cycle. This ensures a continuous and regular removal of waste produce before it can begin to breakdown and cause anoxic conditions, which in turn enables the aerobic bacteria in the filter foams to work most efficiently.


AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 Filter Pump

The AquaMax Eco Premium filter pumps are high performance filtration pumps with Eco Plus motors for excellent output and very low running costs. These advanced filtration pumps are built with technical features and unique functions. With double layered outer strainer for continuous pumping when masked, solids-handling up to 11mm particle size and secondary inlet feature for connecting a strainer or surface skimmer, these pumps are perfect for supplying to flow through filters such as the BioTec ScreenMatic.

Technical features include dry run protection via unique Environmental Function Control, this shuts the pump down if it begins to run dry to prevent overheating. The AquaMax Eco Premium pump will then restart in 'test mode' to ensure it is fully flooded before reverting to full output. The pump can be installed in dry scenarios by principle of flooded suction, connecting a pipe to the inlet below water level to provide a continuous flood of water into the pump. Models 12000, 16000 and 20000 also feature a Seasonal Flow Control function which if switched on will automatically reduce the flow of the pump if the water temperature drops very low, ideal for saving energy in Winter.

Key Features

Secondary Suction

Adjustable Hosetails

Locking Clips

Flexible Installation



AquaMax Clip

AquaMax Underwater

Secondary suction inlet allows a second device such as a surface skimmer or bottom strainer to be run alongside the main pump.

Ball swivel hose connectors allow 360˚ angle rotation of hose tails. Hose tails are multi-staged to suit different diameters of flexible hose pipe.

Robust locking clips on all four corners make access to the pump very easy. Simply unclip and remove the top casing half to expose the pump.

AquaMax Eco Premium pumps can be submerged in water or dry installed below the water level in flooded suction applications.

Seasonal Flow Control

Burnout Protection

Extended Guarantee

Eco Plus Motor

Seasonal Flow Control

Aquamax Strainer


Eco Plus

Models 12000, 16000 and 20000 have seasonal flow control adjustment that automatically reduces motor speed in winter.

‘EFC’ Environmental Function Control tells the pump when it is sucking air and shuts it down. The pump then tests for air intake when next turned on.

These pumps are guaranteed as standard for 3 years. Upon registering your purchase with OASE, an additional 2 years are guaranteed!

Eco Plus is OASE’s most energy efficient rating, meaning the AquaMax Eco Premium delivers superb performance using minimal power.


Bitron ECO 120 Watt Ultraviolet Clarifier

The OASE Bitron ECO range of ultraviolet clarifiers are digital UV systems for large ponds. The Bitron ECO features a control panel on the ballast unit which shows a temperature display and a visual lamp life indicator. The UV intensity can be controlled via this panel by reducing the percentage of power use. The feature is ideal for reducing power in cooler water and increasing over summer, thus saving power, reducing running costs and prolonging the life of the lamps. The digital display will also highlight when any specific lamp has blown and requires changing.

The Bitron ECO UV systems include a spinning rotor which, when supplied flow via the filter pump, rotates with the incoming water and cleans the quartz glass, keeping this clear of debris and ensuring the UV remains effective. The ballast unit detaches very simply via side clips when lamps need replacing and a safety switch built into this prevents direct lamp exposure. A flow bypass bung is built into the second outlet to release excess water into the filter if the flow is too great. The twin outlets allow direct connection to OASE BioTec ScreenMatic filters.

Key Features

Digital Controls

Display Features

Cleaning Mechanism

Flow Bypass




bitron_eco_flow_bypass (2)

The Bitron ECO UV range feature digital controls which allow the UV power to be regulated according to the conditions. This function saves energy when less UV output is required.

The end panel on the ballast unit provides a fixed water temperature reading and lamp indication window. The display will also indicate when a UV lamp requires changing.

The helical cleaning rotor inside the unit rotates as flow is passed through the UV unit. This prevents organic waste masking the quartz glass sleeve and maintains an efficient UV kill rate.

The flow bypass bung situated within one of the twin outlets is there to allow excess flow to bypass the lamp and enter the filter directly. This will only activate if the pumps flow too great.


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