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  • Blue Lagoon 40w UVC Ionizer

  • The Blue Lagoon UVC Ionizer is designed to keep your swimming pool or large ornamental feature crystal-clear without the need for chlorine or chemical treatment. The Blue Lagoon UVC Ionizer combines ultraviolet clarification with a copper ionizer that will release copper ions into the water while simultaneously treating the water with UV radiation to kill off single celled organisms such as algae, bacteria and pathogens within the water.

    Please note the Blue Lagoon UVC Ionizer is not suitable to be used in salt water applications as the released copper and salt within the water will cause a toxic chemical reaction.

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Blue Lagoon 40w UVC Ionizer Details:
  • Maximum  Volume: 40m3
  • Max Pressure : 2 bar
  • Maximum Flow Rate - 23m³/H (23,000 LPH)
  • Recommended Flow - 16m³/H (16,000 LPH)
  • Supplied with 63mm x 50mm Glue Connectors & 1 1/2" Threaded Connector
  • Dimensions: 100cm L x 7.2cm W
  • 230V AC 50/60Hz - 0.57A
  • 40w Amalgam Bulb Supplied
  • 316L stainless-steel housing
  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield due to improved internal reflection
  • User-friendly and safe disinfection
  • No need for chemical treatment
  • Automatic indication when lamp and anode need replacing
  • 2-year warranty

Please note the UV bulb must be replaced every 12 months and the copper anode should be inspected periodically and changed when significantly worn.

Blue Lagoon 40w UVC Ionizer

  • £990.00 inc. VAT

    £825.00 exc. VAT

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