Pond Pump Stand - Large
  • The Pond Pump Stand is designed to provide a sturdy surface to elevate pond pumps off the bottom of a pond with 96% empty space within each block. The Pond Pump Stand comes flat packed and can lock together quickly, the stand is simple to assemble and can support up to 4500kg of distributed weight.

    Eco Blox are simple to use and are the perfect solution to raise pumps up to a higher level within the pond while still allowing a greater water volume in the pond or reservoir as they feature a 96% cavity allowing you arrange the blocks in any configuration or levels to accomodate any reservoir shape.

    We recommend placing ballast (rocks, pebbles, bricks etc) inside the open chambers to offer additional stability if required, or when submersing at depth.

    • Easy to assemble & install
    • Can support up to 4500kg of distributed weight each
    • Can be arranged in 3 orientations for 3 different heights
    • Each Block Measures: L68.5cm x D40.5cm x H44.5cm
    • Can be stacked.
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    £61.00 exc. VAT

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  • Sharon Roberts
    Main problem is it floats. Even with pump on top it is still floating & tipping pump off. I am going to have to try putting a bag of aquatic gravel inside to weigh it down. Expensive when it doesn't do what it is
    3 stars

Pond Pump Stand - Large

  • £73.20 inc. VAT

    £61.00 exc. VAT

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