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  • Proficlear Premium Fleece 750

  • The new OASE Proficlear Premium Fleece 750 filters have been designed to provide the highest level of water polishing in Koi Ponds and Swim Ponds. The exceptionally fine filter fleece efficiently extracts particulates from the water down to 3 microns in size. Ideal for use in applications where water clarity is highly important, such as windowed ponds.

    The intelligent automated system cycles the consumed fleece onto the collection spool when required. Once consumed, the 200m fleece spool is then manually replaced.

    Replacement Fleece 750 rolls can be purchased here: Replacement Fleece 750

    When integrated into the Oase EGC system, real time data is provided to the OASE Control smartphone app which will display how much fleece is being consumed and provide notifications when a replacement is required.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

  • Filter Box Dimensions (mm): 1370 L x 890 W x 815 H
  • Max Flow Rate (LPH): 25,000
  • Max Pond size: 150,000 Litres with no fish stock, 75,000 L with Goldfish, 37,500 L with Koi
  • Hel-x Media volume: 150 Litres

Proficlear Premium Fleece 750

  • £4,149.99 inc. VAT


    £3,458.33 exc. VAT

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