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  • ProMax Garden Classic 3000 Irrigation Pump

  • The OASE ProMax Garden Classic 3000 Pump is designed for irrigation of gardens and allotments or can be used for agricultural or horticultural irrigation applications where mains water supply is not practically available.  The Classic 3000 Pump inlet can be connected via flexible suction hose to a water butt, reservoir or rainwater harvesting tank and the 1" BSP threaded outlet can be connected via flexible delivery hose to provide water flow of up to 3,000 Litres/Hour.  The innovative irrigation pump can deliver water at high pressure (4.2 bar - 42 metres head) making this ideal for applications where the water needs to be supplied at a significant distance from the pump location, or where irrigation is required at a higher vertical lift than the pump itself.

    The Classic 3000 is capable of suction lift of up to 8 metres once manually primed, meaning that the pump inlet can be elevated higher than the stored water supply.  Priming of the suction hose and impeller housing can be easily achieved using a funnel, via the priming hole mounted that the top of the pump body.  If the pump is mounted below the water tank level, it is not necessary to manually prime as the water will flow in via gravity to the impeller housing.  The OASE Promax Garden Classic 3000 is fitted with Thermal Protection technology to prevent damage to the pump if accidentally dry run.

    • Max Flow Rate of 3,000 Litres/Hour.  Max Vertical Lift of 42 metres (4.2 bar).
    • Robust Cast Iron construction for smooth and quiet operation.
    • Supplied with 10 metres of 230V electrical cable.
    • 2 Year OASE Guarantee.
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ProMax Garden Classic 3000 Irrigation Pump

  • £174.60 inc. VAT

    £145.50 exc. VAT

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