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  • Tap Water Dechlorinator

  • Chlorine removal system for mains tap water, designed and contructed by OASE Germany. Highly efficient 50cm long inline cartridge designed specifically to rapidly extract Chlorine, Chloramine and numerous other potentially harmful toxins found in tap water. This system allows tap water to be safely supplied directly to a fish pond, as water passing through the cartridge is detoxified through the instant removal of harmful elements.

    A single cartridge will process up to 200,000 litres (or 44,400 gallons) of tap water, after which the cartridge simply requires replacing. The recommended flow rate through the de-chlorinator filter cartridge is 5-8 litres (or 1.2-1.8 gallons) per minute in order to maximise the efficiency of the system.

    The OASE de-chlorinator filter cartridge is supplied with Hozelock type hose connector fittings which allow a garden hose to be simply connected at either end for quick and easy installation, removal and replacement of the filter cartridge.

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Why Chlorine extraction is important:

Fresh mains tap water contains Chlorine which, in high enough concentration, can be potentially poisonous to pond fish. Therefore the removal of Chlorine before tap water is introduced to the pond is important for fish health. Chlorine also destroys the important biological cultures that are established within the pond and particularly within the pond filter media, where it plays a crucial role in keeping the water free of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Each time fresh tap water is introduced to the pond, these cultures diminish and fish health is affected indirectly as a result of this. By removing Chlorine from fresh water prior to this entering the pond, more of these bacteria are preserved and over all water quality is maintained at a higher level.

OASE Dechlorinator - Technical Details

OASE Dechlorinator Technical Details

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