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Pond Pumps

View our individual Pond Pump Videos to gain a deeper insight into the robust and reliable OASE Aquamax Eco Premium, Aquamax Eco Classic Filter Pumps & Aquarius Fountain Pump Sets.

  • Oase ProMax ClearDrain

    The ProMax ClearDrain is a clean water drainage pump with a variable float switch.
  • Oase ProMax MudDrain

    The ProMax ClearDrain is a dirty water drainage pump with a variable float switch.
  • AquaMax Eco Expert

    AquaMax Eco Expert is an efficient yet powerful filter and watercourse pump from Oase. Built in seasonal flow control will intelligently adjust the power consumption.
  • Aquamax ECO Premium Filter Pumps

    Ultra energy-efficient pond filter pumps by the market leading pond brand OASE. German build quality and 5 year guarantees.
  • Aquamax Eco Classic

    Economical, energy efficient solids-handling OASE pond filter pumps with extended guarantees up to 5 years.
  • Aquarius Fountain Set Pump

    Complete pond fountain kits including OASE Aquarius fountain pumps, fountain nozzles and telescopic nozzle extension risers.
  • Aquamax Eco Pump

    Solids-handling Eco filter pumps with innovative secondary inlet. Now superseded by the AquaMax Eco Premium pumps.
  • OASE ProMax Pressure Well

    Exceptional vertical lift allows the Pressure Well to extract water from great depths.
  • ProMax Garden Automatic

    The ProMax Garden Automatic irrigation pumps are energy efficient and capable of pumping up to 60 metres head.
  • ProMax Garden Classic

    The Oase ProMax Garden Classic pump is energy efficient and compact, capable of pumping up to 50 metres head.
  • Aquarius Eco Expert 22000 - 44000 Dancing Modes

    This video showcases the pre-programmed dancing functionality of the Aquarius Eco Expert pump range
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