Blog & Latest News from the team at Water Garden Ltd - Expanding Waterfall Adhesive Foam

Touch n foam landscape adhesive

Sealing and waterproofing decorative rockwork around a pond, stream or waterfall can be tricky using conventional mortar.  Water Garden now offer an excellent solution with the new Touch n Foam Landscape expanding foam adhesive.

landscape paverwall

This black foam can be used as a gap filler around pond stonework and is particularly suited to waterfalls or decorative streams to direct water flow and greatly minimise water loss.  Touch n Foam Landscape is completely harmless to fish and aquatic life.

The foam retains its black colouring which helps to blend into shadows.  Small stones or shingle can be placed on the foam during the expansion and curing process, which will help to create a natural appearance.

landscape fishpond

Water Garden offer the Landscape Foam in 400ml cans which come complete with gun nozzle for easy application.

Although the foam is primarily for use around ponds and water features, this can also be used to great effect as a general purpose landscaping and external gap filler.

For more information, view Water Garden's Expanding Waterfall Foam here.

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