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Lake Problems - Before & After
Do you own or manage a lake that is suffering with water quality issues?  Perhaps you’re inundated with a carpet of duckweed, continual string algae growth or green, turbid water?  Here’s an example from one of our customers who has kindly provided ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ photos which helps to clearly highlight the benefits of water movement, circulation and aeration in their lake.

1000M Aeration system - Before

The Problem.

The client had quite significant issues with duckweed and surface detritus but also green water caused by prolific algae growth.  Not only was this unsightly, but it also prevented the client from viewing his fish who were also suffering somewhat in stagnant, oxygen depleted water.

1000M Aeration System - During


The solution.

Based on the relatively small lake size, the 1000M Sub-surface Lake Aeration System was selected.  This consists of a powerful, land-based air compressor with weighted air hoses leading to underwater air diffusers.  The air is forced through the porous diffusers, creating columns of rising air bubbles which oxygenate and circulate the entire water body.  These aerated pockets can be seen in the image, shortly after the unit was installed.

1000M Aeration System - After

The Results.

After around two weeks of constant operation, positive results can be clearly seen.  The water clarity has drastically improved and the duckweed has all but cleared.  Here’s the client’s review of the product:
I bought the 1000M Lake Diffuser System Aerator and Air Pump system. It was really easy to put together and install. With the system running and some rain, the water has cleared up, and I can finally see the fish again. Hopefully the fish will now thrive with the added oxygen levels too. Before and after photos included.
If you need advice on your pond or lake, give the team at Water Garden Ltd a call and we’ll help you address your specific issues.
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