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New Lake Surface Aerators.

Floating Lake Aerators are simple to install, low maintenance and offer superb oxygen transfer rates!

These units are not fountains, but dedicated aeration systems that churn up water using a large propeller for maximum oxygenating performance. The visual effect is a large white water boil erupting on the water surface, and the result is the dispersion of dissolved oxygen rich water. Aerators are used as lake water management systems, improving water quality, preventing stagnation, ice prevention and providing vital dissolved oxygen for aquatic life.

New Range of Floating Lake Aerators


There are 5 models in this new range of lake aerators, ranging from the lowest powered aerator model at 0.5 Horsepower, ideal for lakes up to a half-acre, to the most powerful 3 HP aerator, which will effectively oxygenate a 3 acre lake. The 3 models between are 0.75 HP, 1 HP and 2 HP. These aerators operate well in deep water and can also be installed in fairly shallow water. All aerator units are supplied with mooring restraints to secure them.


Floating Aeration System Sizing 


These aerators are specified based on the surface area of the water body in acres, with 1 HP of motor power being recommended per 1 acre of lake surface area. The maximum potential rate for oxygen transfer in optimal conditions is 3lb of oxygen per hour, per 1 HP of motor power, making these units very efficient for oxygen transfer versus power consumption. Units up to 1 HP come pre-wired with 10 metres of power cable. More powerful units 2 HP and 3 HP have a short 'stub' cable which requires connection to a main cable run of appropriate size.


Aeration Applications


Aeration is often implemented as the primary water management method for larger bodies of water. As well as water quality improvement on ornamental lakes, these aerators also work very effectively in industrial applications such as in aquaculture, horticulture, fish farming, fisheries, retention ponds and waste water management. These aerators can also be used in saltwater lagoons and marinas, with a preinstalled Zinc anode protecting the unit from corrosion. Aeration alone can be used to breakdown solid and soluble organic waste in water by creating an oxygen rich environment for aerobic bacteria to digest waste. Supplemental organic water treatments, targeted toward specific issues, such as siltation, can be used alongside to accelerate results.

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