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Proficlear Premium Koi Filter Sets now available!

2nd May 2013
Proficlear Premium Koi Filter Sets now available!

OASE's innovative Specialist Koi Filtration Modules - Proficlear Premium - have now been carefully packaged together, offering Koi pond owners a complete filter system, tailored to specific pond sizes.


We have compiled these systems to suit pump-fed installations (i.e. the pump is submersed directly in the pond or dry installed outside of the pond).

Water Garden can also offer tailored systems to suit gravity-fed installations (i.e. the pond water is fed via gravity using bottom drains, where the water is then pulled through the system via pumps at the end of the system, mounted in the Proficlear Premium Individual Module).

The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 1 can cater for Koi or heavily stocked fish ponds of up to 15,000 Litres (3,330 Gallons) or ornamental ponds and natural swim ponds of up to 60,000 Litres (13,330 Gals).

The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 2 is suitable Koi Carp stocked pond of up to 25,000 Litres (5,550 Gals) or ornamental ponds of up to 100,000 Litres (22,220 Gals).

The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 3 is suited to large Koi ponds up to 45,000 Litres (10,000 Gals) and can also be used on large ponds and lakes up to 200,000 Litres (44,440 Gals).

Far larger ponds and lake waters can be filtered effectively by using multiple rows, with no real limitations.

proficlear filter drum being cleaned

All of our packaged systems include the automated, self-cleaning Proficlear Premium Drum Filter.  The Drum Filter Module will extract large solids and fish waste and will only allow particles of 60 microns or smaller to pass through (half the thickness of a human hair).  The Drum Module will clean itself via the intelligent controller, losing only 1.5 litres of water during each cleaning cycle.

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Please call Water Garden Ltd on 02392 373735, visit our Portsmouth Showroom or email us, should you need expert advice on any of the Proficlear Premium products.

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