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  • Proficlear Premium Filter Set 3 (Pump Fed)

  • The latest generation of the OASE Proficlear Drum and Moving Bed Filtration, Bitron UV Clarifiers, Aquamax Eco Expert Pump and AP Aeration technology is combined to produce effective and efficient particle removal and high intensity treatment of suspended algae and pathogens in ponds or lakes, thereby achieving ultimate water clarity and health.  Water Garden UK has carefully matched components to achieve the optimum pond and lake water cleaning system for a variety of pond volumes.

    The Proficlear Premium Set 3 (Pump Fed) System is comprised of the following components:

    The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 3 is suitable for the following pond sizes:

    • Ponds with Koi Carp/High Fish Stock; up to 3kg per 1m³:  30,000 Litres (10,000 Gals)
    • Ponds & Lakes with average fish stock e.g. goldfish; 1kg per 1m³:  60,000 Litres (22,220 Gals)
    • Natural Ponds or Lakes or Swimming Ponds (without any fish stock):  120,000 Litres (44,440 Gals),
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Proficlear Premium Filter Set 3 (Pump Fed)

OASE Aquamax Expert Eco 26000 Filter Pump transports coarse debris up to 11mm Ø and features an extremely energy efficient motor to achieve optimum flow with minimum power consumption.  The submersed pump is then usually connected to the Bitron 110 UV Clarifier using 2" internal diameter Flexible Hose.  The Expert Eco 26000 pump is also capable of dry mounting in a flooded suction scenario if preferred.

The OASE Bitron 110C Ultraviolet Clarifier provides 110 watts of concentrated UV radiation that effectively kills suspended algae, harmful bacteria and germs which are then delivered to the;

OASE Proficlear Premium (Pump Fed) Drum Filter Module is the vital core of the system with deep bed filtration that removes coarse debris particles down to 60 microns and ensures crystal clear water.  Pollutant rakes on the filter sieves remove string algae and large particles from the rotating drum.  A powerful integral high pressure pump automatically cleans and flushes the sludge to the waste outlet.  An intelligent microcontroller monitors and controls the Drum Filter's adjustable main functions.  The mechanically processed pond water is then passed to the;

OASE Proficlear Premium Moving Bed Module is supplied with a total of 100 litres of Hel-X biomedia, which will populate with beneficial micro-organisms for effective biological nutrient reduction and removal of toxins such as ammonium/ammonia and nitrite. The built in aerator bar provides beneficial oxygen enrichment and turbulence when connected to the supplied AP4800 Air Pump.

OASE Proficlear Premium Individual Module is the final system module and is used to house the supplied 2 x Bitron Gravity 55w UV Clarifiers.  The Individual Module can also be used for adding (if required) filter media such as Zeolite or Phosless (phosphate binder), fish medications and specific water treatments.

Please Note; The Proficlear Premium Koi Pond Filter Set 3 DOES NOT include the following items which will be different for each individual pond installation

Flexible hose and hose clips between the Aquamax Eco Expert Filter Pump & entry into the Bitron Eco Ultraviolet Clarifier.

DN 75/110 Pipework for Drum Filter waste discharge.

DN110 Pipework between clean water exit from the Individual Module and return to the pond or lake.

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Proficlear Premium Filter Set 3 (Pump Fed)

  • £7,092.00 inc. VAT

    £5,910.00 exc. VAT

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