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  • Proficlear Compact Set 120000

  • The ProfiClear Premium Compact Set 120000 combines the pump fed ProfiClear Premium Compact auto-cleaning filtration system with the energy efficient AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 filter pump, the advanced Bitron ECO 180 watt ultraviolet clarifier and the AP4800 aerator.

    The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 120000 is suitable for the following pond sizes:

    • Ornamental/wildlife ponds up to 120,000 litres (with no fish stock).
    • Goldfish ponds up to 60,000 litres (fish stock of up to 1kg per 1000 litres).
    • Koi Carp ponds up to 30,000 litres (fish stock of up to 2kg per 1000 litres).
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OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact 120000 Filter Set

The OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact Filter Set 120000 consists of 5 primary components:

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact L Pond Filter (Pump Fed)

The AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 pump provides an optimal rate of flow through the filtration system whilst using little energy, passing solids up to 11mm in size into the drum. The ECO Expert Pump Control allows for digital tuning of the pump, to enable the perfect flow rate to be set whilst offering savings in power consumption. The Aquamax pump delivers its flow into the Bitron ECO 180 watt UVC which efficiently kills algae maintaining clear water and can be set to reduced power during less critical periods. The Proficlear Compact has two inlet ports which allows for direct mounting of the Bitron ECO 180 onto the filter body.

The ProfiClear Premium Compact-L filter provides excellent mechanical filtration via the automatic self-cleaning drum, extracting and removing solid waste down to 60µm trapped by the sieve screens and flushed out by the high pressure cleaning pump. The rotary drum can be set to clean at timed intervals or allowed to intelligently clean when prompted by the change in water level caused by waste build up. Biological filtration of the mechanically clean water is achieved through the second stage Hel-X 13 moving bed media in the rear of the module. Air is blown through the Hel-X 13 particle media via the AP4800 air pump which achieves continuous oxygenation and circulation of the bio-media for outstanding conversion of soluble waste and gases through bacterial nitrification.

Key ProfiClear Premium Compact L Filter Features

Rotary Drum


The large rotating drum provides the first stage mechanical filtration screening out solid waste down to 60 microns through 8 removable fine mesh sieve screens. The drum can be timer operated or will clean automatically using the integral water level sensor in the filter box to detect accumulative waste blockage on the sieves.


Cleaning System


Powerful cleaning pump sprays high pressure water jets over drum sieves, only during the cleaning cycles, which releases accumulated waste to be flushed out of the filter via the waste outlet on the front. The four spray nozzles are offset from one another to cover more sieve surface area/width and jet angles can be adjusted as required.


Hel-X 13 BioMedia


Advanced Hel-X 13 particle biomedia with huge surface area maximises bacterial nitrification in second stage moving bed filtration chamber. With increased surface area of 13% over original Hel-X, this is one of the most efficient filtration biomedia structures ever produced, with a greater surface area than even the esteemed Kaldnes K1.


Drain Valve


The watertight slide valve at the foot of the filtration unit allows water level to be dropped quickly. This is ideal should cleaning or maintenance be required, or should the system require draining for removal or relocation. Pipes can be connected to the outlet for gravity draining of the water to a soak away, main drain or planting bed.


Aeration Elements


A large air stone at the base of the filter keeps the Hel-X 13 biological filtration media moving. The continuous circulation and oxygenation of the biomedia ensures efficient biological breakdown of soluble waste product. An AP4800 air pump mounted outside of the filter system is used to supply air to the air stone via a flexible air hose.


Digital Controls


The ProfiClear weatherproof control unit mounts externally. This digital control system connects and controls all devices within the filter unit, such as the drum motor and the cleaning pump. This allows the automated intelligent cleaning program or timed cleaning intervals to be set. The screen provides a visual water temperature reading on the digital display and detects issues.


Flexible Installation


The ProfiClear Compact filter unit allows for various methods of installation. The front features twin ports which allow a Bitron ECO 180w UV to be directly mounted to the filter box. There is also a separate 2" inlet port which will accept a direct hose pipe connection, ideal if the installation incorporates an inline UVC which cannot be directly fit, or if UV is not being used at all.


Waste Discharge


Accumulated solid waste is automatically flushed out of the filter every time the drum performs a cleaning cycle. This ensures a continuous and regular removal of waste produce before it can begin to breakdown and cause anoxic conditions, which in turn enables the aerobic bacteria in the moving bed to work efficiently in oxygen saturated water.


ProfiClear Compact - L Technical Measurements

Compact L Pump Tech Snip 1

Compact L Pump Tech Snip 2

Performance Data

Performance Data

OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact L Pond Filter (Pump Fed)

AquaMax Eco Expert Tech


ProfiClear Compact L Tech Snip

Proficlear Compact Set 120000

  • £7,299.99 inc. VAT

    £6,083.33 exc. VAT

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