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  • ProfiClear Premium XL Set 1200000

  • The ProfiClear Premium XL filter system is the latest generation of drum filtration from Oase. The system features a double capacity drum, Moving Bed and unique "Clear Wave" discharge module, Bitron Premium UVC's, Aquamax Eco Expert pumps and AP Aeration combined to deliver unrivalled water quality and simple operation. Through the extraction of particulates and biological breakdown of waste matter, the Proficlear systems provide "gin-clear" pond water with automated operation and self cleaning.

    The Proficlear Premium XL Filter Set 1200000 is suitable for the following pond sizes:

    • Ornamental/wildlife ponds up to 1,200,000 litres (with no fish stock).
    • Goldfish ponds up to 600,000 litres (fish stock of up to 1kg per 1000 litres).
    • Koi Carp ponds up to 225,000 litres (fish stock of up to 2kg per 1000 litres).
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OASE ProfiClear Premium XL 1200000 Filter Set

Supplied as a complete system, the ProfiClear XL 1200000 Filter Set is comprised of the following components:

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Oase Proficlear Premium XL Set 1200000

Supplied as a complete package the Proficlear Premium XL Set 1200000 provides the latest generation of cutting edge Oase pond technology. The ultra-energy efficient Aquamax Eco Expert 26000 delivers flow into the filter system, passing solids up to 11mm into the Drum Filter for extraction. With a maximum head of 8.5m the Aquamax Eco Expert Pump can overcome even the most rigorous scenarios and ensures reliable, long term performance. When coupled to the ECO Expert Pump Control the motor speed can be digitally tuned to provide the optimum flow alongside offering savings on power consumption. The ECO Expert Pump Control will display diagnostic information to enable fault finding without the need for removing the pump from pond and visually inspecting. 

The Bitron Premium 180w provides ultraviolet radiation to the flow of water entering the filter, destroying pathogens and single celled algae. The reflective reactor chamber increases the efficiency by allowing the light to saturate longer to provide prolonged exposure.

The Proficlear Premium XL Drum Module features a rotating drum mechanism, twice the length of previous Proficlear models which allows it to accept flow rates of up to 50,000 litres per hour.  The Drum Filter entraps particles down to 60 microns enabling the filter to deliver 'crystal clear' water quality. The Drum filter sieves can also be changed to coarser (150 micron) or finer (30 micron) depending on requirements.  The drum filter features automatic cleaning, when activated by differing water levels inside the chamber the drum begins rotating whilst being pressure cleaned by the high-pressure pump and spray bar. 

The XL Moving Bed Module comes delivered with 60 litres of the innovative Oase PondPads. Pondpads are the latest breakthrough in biological filtration. Once matured, each 60 litres of PondPads are able to digest fish waste at a feeding rate of up to 900g within 24 hours. The XL Moving Bed Module can be supplemented with a further 90 litres gradually over time increasing the breakdown potential to 2.25kg over 24 hours. The AP6000 air pump delivers air to the air stones in the base of the module. The air flow creates circulation inside the module and delivers vital oxygen to beneficial aerobic bacteria in order to breakdown harmful ammonium, ammonia and nitrite.

The XL Discharge Module contains the specially developed 'Clear Wave' segment to help with anaerobic breakdown of nitrates and biofilms. The 5 x DN110 outlets allow the clean water to be delivered back to the pond via gravity at different points to provide better distribution. Unused outlets can be simply capped off.

Key ProfiClear Premium Filter Features

Rotary Drum


The extra large rotating drum provides the first stage mechanical filtration screening out solid waste down to 60 microns through 16 removable fine mesh sieve screens. The drum can be timer-operated or will clean automatically using the integral water level sensor in the filter box to detect accumulative waste blockage on the sieves.


Cleaning System


Powerful cleaning pump sprays high pressure water jets over drum sieves, only during the cleaning cycles, which releases accumulated waste to be flushed out of the filter via the waste outlet on the front. The multiple spray nozzles are offset from one another to cover more sieve surface area/width and jet angles can be adjusted as required.


PondPads BioMedia


The latest breakthrough in biological media, PondPads feature an even higher surface area than Hel-X 13. It has the ability to breakdown fish waste at a feeding rate of 150g feed to 10L of PondPads within a 24 hour period. The soft material prevents bacteria loss through media collisions inside the moving bed.


Drain Valve


The watertight slide valve at the foot of the filtration unit allows water level to be dropped quickly. This is ideal should cleaning or maintenance be required, or should the system require draining for removal or relocation. Pipes can be connected to the outlet for gravity draining of the water to a soak away, main drain or planting bed.


Aeration Elements


Large perforated air outlet located in the bottom of the XL Moving Bed filtration chamber. Connected to an air pipe exiting the filter module for simple connection to the AP6000 aerator pump required to circulate and oxygenate PondPads biomedia. Mesh sleeve ensures all media particles are contained within the aeration chamber.


Digital Controls


The ProfiClear weatherproof control unit mounts externally. This digital control system connects and controls the devices within the filter unit, such as the drum motor and the cleaning pump. This allows the automated intelligent cleaning program or timed cleaning intervals to be set. The screen provides a visual water temperature reading on the digital display and detects issues.


Waste Discharge


Accumulated solid waste is automatically flushed out of the filter every time the drum performs a cleaning cycle. This ensures a continuous and regular removal of waste produce before it can begin to breakdown and cause anoxic conditions, which in turn enables the aerobic bacteria in the moving bed to work efficiently in oxygen saturated water.


ProfiClear Premium XL Set 1200000

  • £60,689.00 inc. VAT

    £50,574.17 exc. VAT

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