ProfiClear Premium Filter Set 4 (Pump Fed)
  • ProfiClear Premium Filter Set 4 (Pump Fed)

  • The latest generation of the OASE Proficlear Drum and Moving Bed Filtration, Bitron UV Clarifiers, Aquamax Eco Expert Pump and AP Aeration technology is combined to produce effective and efficient particle removal and high-intensity treatment of suspended algae and pathogens in ponds or lakes, thereby achieving ultimate water clarity and health.  Water Garden UK has carefully matched components to achieve the optimum pond and lake water cleaning system for a variety of pond volumes.

    The Proficlear Premium Set 4 (Pump Fed) System is comprised of the following components:

    The Proficlear Premium Filter Set 4 is suitable for the following pond sizes:

    • Ponds with Koi Carp/High Fish Stock; up to 3kg per 1m³:  45,000 Litres (10,000 Gals)
    • Ponds & Lakes with average fish stock e.g. goldfish; 1kg per 1m³:  100,000 Litres (22,220 Gals)
    • Natural Ponds or Lakes or Swimming Ponds (without any fish stock):  200,000 Litres (44,440 Gals)
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    £8,310.00 inc. VAT

    £6,925.00 exc. VAT

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ProfiClear Premium Filter Set 4 (Pump Fed)

  • £8,310.00 inc. VAT

    £6,925.00 exc. VAT

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