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  • BioTec ScreenMatic Filter Set 145000

  • The new OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² Set 145000 ECO pond filter system consists of the BioTec ScreenMatic 145000² pond filter, the AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 pump and the powerful Bitron ECO 240 ultraviolet clarifier.  The semi-automated filter will ensure crystal clear water quality in ponds up to 145,000 litres (approx. 32,200 gallons).

    • For ornamental and wildlife ponds (no fish stock) up to 145,000 litres.
    • For Goldfish ponds (1kg fish per 1000 litres water) up to 72,000 litres.
    • For Koi Carp ponds (2kg fish per 1000 litres water) up to 36,000 litres.
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OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² Filter Sets

BioTec ScreenMatic 145000 Filter set includes:

BioTec ScreenMatic 145000² Pond Filter

AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 Pump

Bitron ECO 240 UV Clarifier

The OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² 145000 Set is a complete pond filtration system consisting of a semi-automated BioTec ScreenMatic² 145000 pond filter, the energy efficient AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 Pump and the powerful Bitron Eco 240 ultraviolet clarifier. Each set has been comprised specifically to suit ponds of different water volumes and fish stock (species and stocking density). Based on this information, these automated-clean, energy efficient filtration systems will achieve an optimum rate of water turnover through the filter, tackling algae, solid and soluble waste, resulting in clean, clear and healthy pond water.

The BioTec ScreenMatic 145000² is a large pond filtration system incorporating an automatic waste screen, foam banks and zeolite binding media. Incoming water is discharged onto the screening belt which intercepts organic waste down to 300 microns. A waste build-up sensor on the screen mechanism detects when sufficient waste has accumulated and automatically activates a cleaning cycle, offloading the collected solid waste into a large collection tray.

Beneath the screen mechanism are banks of OASE filter foams in different grades of coarseness. These filter sponges, 18 in total provide huge surface area for biological filtration of the mechanically screened water. Water passing through the system is also circulated through 14.5kg of zeolite media which absorbs unwanted nutrients and gasses in solution. The AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 pump delivers a high rate of turnover through the filter. The Bitron Eco 240 watt ultraviolet clarifier fixes directly to the filter box inlet and features a self-cleaning rotor, flow bypass mechanism, visual indicator window and power control panel with digital temperature reading. This unit processes algae upon entry into the filtration system.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE BioTec ScreenMatic 145000 Filter Dimensions.BioTec ScreenMatic 145000 Dimensions Drawings

BioTec ScreenMatic² Filter Set 145000 ECO - Technical Details

OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² 145000 Pond Filter

New BioTec ScreenMatic Set Tech Chart


OASE AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 Filter Pump



OASE Bitron ECO 240 Ultraviolet Clarifier


Performance Data

Performance Data

BioTec ScreenMatic² Filter Set Performance Capability.

Recommended pond volumes with filter outlet located at an estimated 1 metre above pond water level and with approximately 5 metres of 1 1/2" diameter hose between pump and outlet. Pond volumes below are achieved when the filter is fitted with the recommended Bitron ultraviolet clarifier (UVC). 

BioTec ScreenMatic Filter Set

Filter Model

Bitron UV

Aquamax ECO Pump

Recommended Pond volume in litres

No Fish

Average Fish Stock 1kg/1000 litres

Koi/High Fish Stock 2kg/1000 litre

Set 40000

BioTec 40000

36 watts

Aquamax Eco Premium 12000




Set 60000 OC

BioTec 60000

55 watts

Aquamax Eco Premium 17000




Set 90000 OC

BioTec 90000

110 watts

Aquamax Eco Premium 21000




Set 120000 

BioTec 145000

120 watts ECO

Aquamax Eco Premium 21000




Set 145000

BioTec 145000

240 watts ECO

Aquamax Eco Expert 26000




Pond Turnover Rates: The pond stocking levels will determine the required turnover rate which in turn determines the required pump flow rate. Typically, an ornamental pond without any fish will require the pond volume to be circulated at least once every 6-8 hours; an average stocked pond (with up to 1 kg of fish for every 1000 litres) will require circulating once every 4 hours; a heavily stocked pond including Koi (with up to 2 kg of fish for every 1000 litres) will require circulating once every 2 hours. BioTec ScreenMatic Set pump selections allow for increased flow lost through the filter foams as they become polluted with pond waste (see the importance of regular maintenance, below).

Pump Flow Rate: The pump flow rate, typically in litres per hour (lph) or litres per minute (lpm) is determined by the vertical lift, in metres, from the surface of the pond to the outlet pipe AND by the friction losses through the system. The narrower the pipe bore the higher the friction losses, so always use the maximum hose diameter. There will also be a friction loss caused across the filter media (foams etc), which will increase as they become polluted with pond waste.

Effect of raising the filter: Raising the filter height, typically for a watercourse or waterfall, will reduce the flow rate from the pump thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to circulate the dirty pond water through the filter. This effectively reduces the maximum pond volume that the filter system can cope with and may mean you will require a larger pump. Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

The importance of regular maintenance (cleaning): High flow rate = effective filtering. As the filter media (e.g. screen and foams) remove dirt and waste from the pond, so the friction loss across the foams will increase, thereby reducing the flow rate and the effective performance of the filter. It is therefore essential, especially for those systems with a raised outlet, to keep the filter foams clean. Fortunately, this is extremely easy with OASE BioTec ScreenMatic pond filters.

BioTec ScreenMatic Filter Set 145000

  • £4,869.97 inc. VAT

    £4,058.31 exc. VAT

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