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  • Filtral UVC 3000 Premium

  • The OASE Filtral UVC 3000 Premium is a reliable, all-in-one submersible pond filter that combines pump, filtration and UV within a single, compact unit. Ideal for maintaining clear, clean water in water features and garden ponds. Simple to install and easy to maintain.

    • Suitable for ornamental ponds (no fish) up to 3,000 litres and goldfish ponds up to 1,500 litres.
    • Integrated 1,500 litre per hour pump and 9 watt ultraviolet light.
    • Multiple filtration media types, coarse foam (blue), fine foam (red), ceramics and bio-elements.
    • Side clips allow for easy removal of lid to access inner parts for maintenance.
    • Can be used to supply a small stream or water fall by connecting a hose pipe to the outlet.
    • Optional add-on Fountain Kit and Venturi Aeration Set available.
    • 2 year guarantee.

    New product available from January 2019. Pre-orders accepted.

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  • Quantity:

    £109.99 inc. VAT

    £91.66 exc. VAT

Filtral UVC Premium Technical Information.


Filtral UVC 1500

Filtral UVC 3000

Filtral UVC 6000

Filtral UVC 9000

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

207 x 228 x 130

269 x 245 x 140

347 x 276 x 157

Rated Voltage

230V / 50Hz

Power Consumption

18 Watts

36 Watts

52 Watts

58 Watts

Power Cable Length

10 Metres

Net Weight





2 Years

UVC Power

5 Watt UV

9 Watt UV

11 Watt UV

13 Watt UV

Pump Capacity

750 lph

1500 lph

2500 lph

Circulation Rate


1200 lph

1700 lph

Maximum Head Lift

0.9 Metres

1.8 Metres

2.1 Metres

Suction Surface Area




Number of Blue Foams


Number of Red Foams


Number of Bio-Elements




Ceramic Filtration Media




Hose Pipe Connections

½” (12mm ID)

½” (12mm ID),  ¾” (19mm ID), 1” (25mm ID)

Pond Size Max. (No Fish)

1500 Litres

3000 Litres

6000 Litres

9000 Litres

Pond Size Max. (Goldfish)

700 Litres

1500 Litres

3000 Litres

4500 Litres

Pond Size Max. (Koi Carp)

Unsuitable for Koi Pond Filtration.


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