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  • Oase PondPads Filter Media

  • The Oase PondPads media is a brand new filtration media that is designed to be used with the ProfiClear Premium XL Moving Bed Module.  The PondPads media is designed to allow larger amounts of food to be broken down much faster than traditional media.

    • 10L of PondPads Media can break down 150g of food in 24h
    • Soft media construction allows for less bacteria loss due to impact and movement.

    Can be used with the ProfiClear Premium XL Moving Bed Module.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

PondPads and Hel-X Media Maximum Quantities

 Only PondPadsMixture (Hel-X + PondPads)
 Max AmountMax Amount (Hel-X)Max Amount (PondPads)
ProfiClear Premium FiltersLiterLiterLiter
Compact M Pump Fed / Compact M Gravity Fed30400
Compact L Pump Fed / Compact L Gravity Fed706020
Moving Bed L505025
Moving Bed XL10010050


Oase PondPads Filter Media

  • £74.40 inc. VAT

    £62.00 exc. VAT

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