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  • ProfiSkim 100 Pond Skimmer

  • The OASE ProfiSkim 100 is a compact surface skimmer for larger ponds. The ProfiSkim will effectively skim floating debris from the surface of ponds up to 80m².

    The innovative float mechanism and substantial wall thickness ensure strength, stability and optimum performance in large ponds and lakes. The compacted design makes this skimmer ideal for surface suction in shallow water areas and the water level dictated height adaptation allows for water level fluctuation up to 200mm.

    This skimmer features a large 12 litre capacity stainless steel debris collection basket with 8mm mesh, ideal for capturing and containing floating litter. Capable of tolerating high flow through rates up to 30,000 litres per hour, the ProfiSkim 100 requires connection to a high flow pump.

    The OASE AquaMax ECO Premium and AquaMax ECO Twin models 10000 through to 30000 are ideal energy efficient, high flow pumps for operating the ProfiSkim 100 pond skimmer.

    This versatile skimmer can also be connected and operated on the OASE ProfiClear Premium pond filter system in a pump feed or gravity feed scenario.

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Direct Pump Connection

Flow rate required = 10,000 - 30,000 litres per hour.

Connection = 2" Internal Diameter Flexible Hose Pipe.

Gravity System Connection

Flow rate required = 10,000 - 12,500 litres per hour.

Connection = DN110 Pipe.


Guaranteed for 3 years with a free 2 year extension upon registering the purchase with OASE.

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE Profiskim 100 Pond Surface Skimmer:  Technical Details.

Oase Profiskim 100 Surface Skimmer


Technical InformationProfiskim 100
Dimensions L x W (mm)780 x 585
Height Adaptation (mm)350-530
Outlet ConnectionDN 100
Filter Basket Volume (litres)12
Maximum Pond Surface Area (m²)80
Rec Flow Rate - Pump fed (l/h)10000-30000
Rec Flow Rate - Gravity fed (l/h)10000-12000
Net Weight (kg)12.56
Guarantee (+ request guarantee)3 + 2 years


The supplied Stainless Steel filter basket has a volume of 12 litres and the mesh width of 8mm ensures a longer service life and convenient cleaningRobust design allows high flow rates to be tolerated. The Profiskim 100 is ideal for use with the Oase AquaMax ECO Premium and Twin pumps




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ProfiSkim 100 Pond Skimmer

  • £891.60 inc. VAT

    £743.00 exc. VAT

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