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  • Volcano High Volume Lake Aerators

  • The Volcano High Volume Aerator range is specifically designed to assist in oxygenating large ponds and lakes from 4,000 Square Meters (approx. 1 acre) up to 20,000 Square Metres (approx. 5 acre) and offer class-leading oxygen transfer rates of up to 1.5kg per Horsepower hour.

    The 1HP, 3HP and 5HP Volcano Aerators can be used in lake waters which are suffering from severe water quality issues or for use in brackish water bodies or effluent ponds.  These industrial-grade floating aerators use high quality, corrosion resistant parts including stainless steel and rugged thermoplastics to ensure minimal maintenance and a long service life.  The custom built, oil cooled motors are highly efficient and can produce water flow rates of up to 647,200 Litres/Hour (approx. 142,300 Gallons/Hour).  The floating pumps can produce voluminous water displays ranging from 1.2m diameter x 0.5m height (Ø4ft x H1.5ft) up to 3.5m diameter x 1.1m height (Ø11.5ft x H3.5ft)

    The Volcano High Volume Aerators are capable of influencing water from depths of 4.5 metres yet can be submersed in relatively shallow water depths of only 1 metre (3ft).  Due to the floating design, the aerators can be re-positioned easily if required.

    Water Garden Ltd supply our Volcano High Volume aerators with the following equipment:

    • 1 x Floating Motor assembly with robust thermoplastic float assembly
    • 1 x High Volume Chamber Assembly

    *1HP and 3HP Aerators are only available in 230V, single phase power

    *5HP Aerators are only available in 400V, three phase power

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Volcano High Volume Aerator Specifications:

High Volume Aerator illustration

Volcano High Volume Aerators

Spray Height (M)
Spray Diameter (M)
230 / 1 / 8230 / 1 / 14400 / 3 / 7.2
Maximum Lake Surface Area (M²)40001200020,000
Maximum Lake Surface Area (Acres)135
Minimum Water Depth for Installation1m1m1m
Supplied Cable Length1m (pigtail)
Recommended Maximum Cable Run90m
Guarantee Period2 Years2 Years3 Years

*We recommend using 3-core cable and an IP68 rated connector to extend the cable upto 90m in length.

We recommend using ByoFix Lake Bacteria - 1Kg alongside an aerator to improve water quality by increasing and maintaining beneficial aerobic bacteria levels.

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Floating Aerator Fountain:  Mooring Suggestions.

5-in-1 Fountain Mooring Suggestions

Mooring of the Aerator can be easily achieved using heavy duty fishing wire and suitable ballast such as concrete slabs (not supplied).

Volcano High Volume Lake Aerators

  • £10,364.00 inc. VAT

    £8,636.67 exc. VAT

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