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EasyFountain Water Features

EasyFountain Water Features

The EasyFountain range of products is a selection of self-contained fountains, cascades and decorative features. Water Garden offer a wide range of styles and sizes from contemporary designs to more traditional water displays, figurines and wall art. EasyFountain products are incredibly simple to assemble and require no tools or mains water connection, as this is contained in a reservoir which is constantly recirculated.

All EasyFountain products are constructed from a robust and weather resistant stone & polyresin blend, making them sturdy yet lightweight compared to traditional cast stone water features. As the water displays are completely self-contained they can be used in virtually any outdoor or indoor location, such as a garden patio or conservatory.

All features are supplied with the necessary parts required, including submersible pump and electrical cable. Many of the fountains, cascades and figurines include LED lighting which provides an attractive display during the evening time. EasyFountain products represent superb value for money.

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