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BiOrb Lifestyle Aquariums

BiOrb Lifestyle Aquariums

biOrb - an Innovative Aquarium

biOrb have spent over a decade improving the design and functionality of the aquariums they offer. Each aquarium is ready to run out of the box with a small amount of assembly and removes the frustration of piecing together multiple items from various manufacturers to create a finished aquarium. The biOrb has been designed with fish keeping in mind with the filtration unit discreetly mounted inside the tank, which has been engineered to be as efficient as possible. The filter is driven by an air pump which creates draw through the filter sponge and media whilst also oxygenating and circulating the water. The simplicity of this aquarium cannot be stressed enough, from assembly to maintenance where every task is made as simple as possible by the innovative design and manufacture of biOrb aquariums.

Why do biOrb use acrylic?

Acrylic is an incredibly strong and durable material, it is used to make airplane windscreens. Acrylic offers 93% clarity which the clearest material currently known to man. Acrylic is shatterproof due to being formed from complex molecular chains rather than a crystalline structure like glass. Surface scratches can be easily removed using the biOrb scratch remover kit. The remover kit applies a weak solvent solution to the top surface and buffs the acrylic back to a smooth clear finish.

What is MCR lighting?

MCR lighting stands for 'Multi-Coloured Remote' controlled lighting. The biOrb MCR lighting has a variety of colours and features. Each colour in the spectrum is individually selectable and can also be put on a colour-flow mode which gently flows through each colour available. A clever feature incorporated with the MCR light unit is the ability to use the pre-programmed daylight setting.  An 8, 10 ,12, or 14 hour daylight setting is available and allows the unit to automatically cycle from sunrise through to sunset to simulate the optimal environment for aquatic life, no matter where the aquarium is positioned within your home. The lighting intensity can be controlled from the remote allowing the adjustment from 20% to 100% output.

What can I keep in my biOrb?

biOrbs come in variety of sizes from 15 litre to 60 litre and each aquarium is capable of housing a variety of aquatic life. The smaller tanks would best suit around 3-5 small fish such as minnows or in heated tanks neon tetras and other small schooling species. The 15 litre aquariums also make great shrimp tanks and species such as Neocaridina are available in a variety of colours and patterns which can easily suit colour schemes as selected from our range of Decoration Packs.

The larger biOrbs open up more options in what can be kept in them however you should never consider fish which will grow larger than 2.5" as they can become cramped inside these aquariums. The optional intelligent biOrb heater can also give options between cold-water and tropical fish.

biOrb aquariums have been tested by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover.  click here to view the full report.

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