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Floating Lake Fountains

Floating Fountains are well suited to ponds and lakes, particularly in areas where the water depth is too great to install a standard submersible pump, or where the pond floor is heavily silted or clay lined. A floating fountain or lake aerator will automatically compensate for changes in water levels. The OASE Pond Jet ECO Floating Fountain provides a 3 metre high, 3 metre diameter, single tier, 12 jet fountain display, with very energy efficient motor operation. The Pro-Jet Floating Fountains are capable of substantial ornamental display heights of up to 16.5 metres. The OASE Air Flo LM is designed to aerate large ponds or lakes, in addition to providing a voluminous, decorative water display.

A Floating Fountain can be a spectacular visual attraction on a lake or large pond and an Aerating Lake Fountain can greatly improve the water quality too.

Floating fountains are ideal for large water bodies as these are very easy to install and rise and fall with fluctuating water levels, whereas ‘static’ fountains do not. These units are simply assembled onsite, floated out to the desired location spot and anchored or moored in place. Floating Lake Fountains are also ideal for large, naturalised bodies of water as the pump motor is suspended beneath the float in open water and not sat amongst sediment on the floor. This keeps the pump from regular blockage and makes maintenance less frequent.

Decorative Fountains such as the Pro-Jet Floating Fountains are designed primarily to produce an impressive water pattern for visual purposes only. These types of lake fountains are built with pressure pumps to deliver high fountain jets and pretty water patterns through precision built fountain nozzles or chambers, of which there are many different types available to choose from.

Aerating Fountains such as the OASE AirFlo LM 1500 rely on a high flow rate and a wider dispersion area in order to mix oxygen with stagnant water and transfer oxygenated water over a large area. By drawing water up from low layers and infusing on the surface, this prevents thermal stratification and promotes (through aeration) natural aerobic bacteria cultures which keep unwanted nutrient levels and algae growth down. These also produce an attractive pattern, but generally of a lower height and wider spread.

LED illumination can add a further visual element to the fountain display if the unit is left to run into the hours of darkness. Special LED lighting systems specifically designed to mount around the fountain floats are available to effectively illuminate these impressive water patterns.

Floating lake fountains are supplied with extra-long mains power cables and are available with both 1 phase 230 volt and 3 phase 400 volt motor options.