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PondJet - LED - RGB

The submersible pump is suspended from the underside of the float assembly, allowing clearer water to be pumped up to the integrated 12 jet decorative fountain nozzle (supplied).  Due to the floating design, the PondJet ECO can be used in heavily sedimented ponds and lakes or for use where water level fluctuations occur.

The Pond Jet ECO will require a minimum water depth of 1 metre (3ft) in clear water or 1.5 metres in silted water.  The special Pump is supplied with 20 metres of 230 Volt electrical cable and the float comes complete with anchoring points for securing to the pond or lake floor (we suggest the use of heavy duty fishing wire tied to a suitable weight, to anchor the fountain float and maintain the position within the pond area).

LED Lighting Set

The new Lunaqua Power LED Light Set is designed to fit to the OASE Pond Jet Eco Floating Fountain, the OASE Pro Jet Floating Fountains and the OASE Air Flo LM Floating Lake Aerators for stunning night time illumination of the water display.  The powerful warm white LED spotlights produce a similar output to 50 watt Halogen spotlight yet consume a meagre 5.8 watts each, making considerable savings on energy consumption.  The illumination set includes 3 x Power LED spotlights, a fully submersible IP68 rated transformer,  20 metres of mains electrical cable and all required brackets and fixings to secure to the floating fountain body.

The LED spotlights and submersed driver can be connected to the supplied FM Master WLAN's 3 on/off ports with the attached 20 metre mains cable. The Lighting can then be controlled via the free OASE App, allowing you switch the spotlights on and off and also set individual 24 hour timers, again via the App.

The supplied FM Master WLAN Controller can be mounted on dry land, with the PondJet floating fountain and LED Light Set connected.  The WLAN controller will allow on/off control of the fountain pump but will also control the fountain display height via the free Oase App and your smart phone/tablet (iOS 7.x or higher and Android 4.0.3 or higher).  Two spare on/off ports remain on the WLAN controller for supplemental garden lighting or other electrical devices.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

LunAqua Power LED Spot Light Set

Dimensions (Ø x H)mm80 x 117
Rated voltage (primary, secondary) 230 V / 50 Hz, 0 - 24 V / 350 mA / DC
Lamp power consumption 5,8 W
Energy efficiency class light fixture A++
Weighted energy consumption per lampkWh/1000h7
Power consumption of setW19
Protection class IP 68
Cable length 24 V device (with power unit)m20.00 (Power unit) + 5.00
Net weightkg5.60
Guarantee (+ request guarantee)Years2 + 1
Bulb type LED
Number of individual LEDsUnits1
Light colour Warm-white
Beam angle 30 Degrees
Item number 42637

LunAqua Power LED Spot Light 30w Driver

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm167 x 94 x 70
Rated voltage (primary, secondary) 230 V / 50 Hz, 0 - 24 V / 350 mA / DC / 700 mA / DC
Power consumptionW30
Number of cable outputsUnits4
Power cable lengthm3.00
Protection class IP 68
Net weightkg2.00
Guarantee (+ request guarantee)Years2 + 1
Item number 57821

InScenio FM Master WLAN Easy Garden Control (EGC)

Dimensions (L x W x H)Length 215mm x Width 155mm x Height 295mm
Rated Voltage220-240V / 50Hz
Maximum Total Power Load3600 watts
Maximum Total Load Current16 amps
Net Weight2 kg
Guarantee2 + 1 years (2 years with 1 year free extension)
Radio Range (433 MHz) Maximum80 metres
WLAN Range (2.4GHz) Maximum80 metres
Connection ECGYes - 1 x DMX/RDM Outlet
Network SuitabilityRouter / Cloud
WLAN HotspotYes
Number of On/Off Power Outlets3 x 220-240 V
Timer OptionYes - Every Power Outlet
Maximum Load per On/Off Outlet2000 watts
Number of Variable Speed Outlets1 x 220-240 V
Maximum Load Variable Speed Outlet320 watts


Performance Data

Performance Data

OASE Pond Jet Eco Floating Fountain: Performance Data

Pond Jet 
230v 50hz
Power consumption (watt)
Turnover rate Max (l/min)
Head of water max (m)
Pressure side (inch)
Strainer surface (cm2)
Weight (kg)
Connection cable (m)

Pond Jet Dimensions

Pond Jet Performance Curve

PondJet ECO - LED Fountain Set

  • £2,564.78 inc. VAT

    £2,137.32 exc. VAT

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