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  • Proficlear Premium Individual Module

  • The OASE ProfiClear Premium Invididual Module is primarily designed for use in a gravity fed filtration scenario and is fitted directly after the Proficlear gravity fed Drum Filter and Moving Bed Modules.  

    The Individual Module can be used to house up to 2 of the Aquamax ECO Gravity Filter Pumps and up to 2 of the Bitron Gravity 55w UV Clarifiers.  This space-saving filter module also features 2 filter media baskets, ideal for adding water treatments such as filter zeolite, Phosless phosphate remover or fish disease and health medications.

    • Space saving pump, ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) and biological media chamber.
    • Final, direct fit after the Moving Bed module.
    • Easy installation of one or two Aquamax Gravity Eco Pumps for gravity fed systems.
    • Easy installation of one or two Bitron Gravity 55 Watt UVC for gravity or pump fed systems.
    • Achieving extremely effective elimination of suspended algae and reduction of pathogenic bacteria.
    • 2 x 8 Litre Stainless Steel Baskets for biological filter media to further improve pond water quality.
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  • Quantity:

    £749.99 inc. VAT

    £624.99 exc. VAT

The Proficlear Premium Individual Module is the final module to be fitted to a Proficlear Premium pond filtration system. It is a neat and convenient location for  Aquamax Gravity ECO pumps, Bitron Gravity Ultraviolet Clarifiers (UVC) and as a dispenser of additional biological Filter Media when required. Connects directly to Drum or Moving Bed modules.



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